June 2021 – Brain Function and pH Levels

When I look out my office window the water of the
Thompson River is now in clear view.
That means that the high water from spring run off
is nearing its peak.
It also means that we are
almost half way through the year!

Stay Alkaline and Stay Awesome!

Brain Function and pH Levels

Is being able to think clearly, to discern for yourself
of importance to you?
Then you are going to want to make sure
your body pH level stays at 7.4 or more.
Practitioners that I have talked with recently
are suggesting that it would be in our best interest
to stay at about 8.0 pH.

Phil has always kept himself at 8.5pH
and at 78 years young
he can still physically out work someone half his age!

When your body becomes too acidic
it can create a type of corrosion
on the synapse’s of your brain.

This obviously has an effect on your ability to function
at full mental and physical capacity.
It could appear as something as simple as Brain Fog.
Or feeling easily Confused or Overwhelmed.
It could also be experienced as
Alzheimer’s or some other form of Dementia.

I have heard about studies in the USA
where facilities that are specifically for
Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients
have been able to
“turn on and turn off”
the symptoms of those in their care.

This has been done simply by the food they feed them.
More acid-forming foods increase symptoms
and more alkaline foods reduce
or eliminate the symptoms.

Our customers have related
similar experiences in their lives.

We often hear that “The brain fog is gone!”,
after they have been diligent in getting
quality alkaline-forming food tools
like ours into their body.

Physical & Mental Health
are at the top of my list of priorities
for quality of life in this Earth-suit!!
How about you?

Our organic products can help you
to get and stay alkaline
during the day, at night or around the clock!
All it takes is a willingness to help yourself,
and a phone call.

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