May 2021 – Did you know glass is permeable?

“Improve the content of the story you tell each day.
Then watch as it literally unfolds before your eyes!
p.s. it works in reverse too.”
~ Cindy

How awesome to connect with you each month.

The weather is still all over the map these days.
The buds are starting to come out on the olive trees.
The Stevia starters are growing rapidly.
The Alfalfa is thinking about coming up.

Of course the dandelions are everywhere! LOL!
One good thing about dandelions is that
they make great early pollen for the neighborhood bees!

Did you know Glass is permeable?

Pink Himalayan Salt

This is a jar of Sole, which is chunks of
Pink Himalayan Salt
in water.

Pink Himalayan Salt 2

I had heard this was possible, and now I have had the amazing good fortune to literally watch this occur over the last few years.
(The upper picture shows you the bottom of the jar and you can still see the Pink Himalayan Salt inside the jar)

I noticed early on that the salt crystals
were penetrating the jar everywhere
except where the label was.
But if you look closely,
it is now beginning to push the label right off of the jar!!
Amazing don’t you think? Nature is so spectacular!!
The crystals just keep slowly growing and pushing
the label out of its ever determined way.

So why would you care about this,
other than it defies our belief
that glass keeps food air tight and safe from the elements? Because obviously if something can
come out through the glass,
then something can obviously get in as well.
No such thing as airtight with glass.

Please note that the Pink Himalayan Salt
IS a mineral,
therefore it is alkaline.

What is so brilliant to take notice of
is that the salt was a solid,
then became a liquid, then became a gas
which then returned to its solid state
on the outside of the jar!!
All by itself… interference from humans.
Talk about Life Force!

Of course this is all about alkalinity as well!
When you take in real minerals,
like those in our organic Alfalfa Leaf Powder,
your Body Intelligence and the Minerals
can accomplish tremendous acts to keep you well.
We use our Alfalfa Powder &
Pink Himalayan Salt everyday.

Your Body is Amazing!
It will serve you for a good long time if you treat it well.
Quality REAL Food,
Clean Water,
Fresh Air,

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