March 2023 – Spring Newsletter

Spring seems to be dragging its feet a bit
in our part of the world,
but there is hope in our hearts
as the sun is shining brightly today,
even though it is still below freezing!

Cahal Pech BelizePhil looks like a tiny speck on these Mayan Ruins at Cahal Pech, Belize

Here is one of the pictures I promised
in last months newsletter.
This is taken at Cahal Pech, Mayan Ruins,
which is located
right IN the town of San Ignacio, Belize!
How cool is that?

Some times I wonder if we are just caught up
in our own little world
thinking that the results of our alkaline lifestyle
are apparent only to us.

But this trip to Belize was an amazing confirmation.
Of course dozens of people were
completely surprised at Phil’s age.
We had been asked to do an
Alkaline, Age Reversing Educational Talk
for the people in an expat community there.

But the best response was from a young Belizean man
who gave Phil an excellent haircut, for $5.00 USD!!
He says, “Man you look like you are in your 50’s!”

Here is what we noticed on our travels.

San Ignacio is up in the hills of western Belize
in the Cayo District.
The air is humid, not unbearable, but the air is moist. The air is clean and wonderful because
the jungle is all around.
There is very little if any big industry
(we didn’t see any in SI).

San Ignacio has the biggest Farmers’ Market in Belize, and it runs 7 days a week!
So, access to fresh Fruits and Veggies,
picked at the peak of ripeness are abundant.

Why am I telling you all this?
It is because in the conditions described above,
your body has access to all it requires
to keep you healthy.

Lifestyle choices are apparent at every turn.
People are happy, they are UN-hurried,
they are friendly.
They live simple uncomplicated lives.

The body is receiving abundant water and nutrients
from the fresh fruits and the humidity in the air.
I saw no shriveled up faces.
I only saw one person smoking the entire time
we were there,
and he is an American expat
who was smoking his “occasional” stogy.

I noticed that many of the people had
excess weight on them.
I personally feel it is because of their staple foods
of rice and beans,
which are both very acidifying.
They also like their local beer, Belikin,
which is definitely acid-forming!

The body needs to protect itself
from the excessive acid-residue from these choices
by storing it in the fat cells.

This action is taken by the body to
protect the blood from becoming too acidic.
Being too acidic is where
sickness and disease come in to play.
If the cells can’t oxygenate and hydrate
they can not do their job of keeping you well.

So you know the drill,

Phil and I enjoyed our Schmunkie everyday.
It was so amazing to have access to such tasty fruits.
We did digress one day though.
A wonderful lady, Kristen, at the expat community
baked a vegan chocolate cake for Phil for his 80th!

The picture down below is of
Tony and John who are getting ready
to share in Phil’s birthday cake.
BTW, neither of these guys are vegan
and they both had seconds of the cake!!

Phil's 80th birthday cake

ENJOY Life!!

Abundance of Health & Happiness to you all!

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