July 2021 – My Summertime Go To

Happy July to one and all!
The temperatures have risen significantly here on the farm.
We are expecting 47 degrees Celsius for the next week.
About 116 degrees Fahrenheit!!
Good thing our plants luuuuv the heat!
Us too, but that is way too hot!

Stay Alkaline and Stay Awesome!

My Summertime Go-To

My Summertime Go To

Generally I prefer to drink water

that has been heated to 85-90 degrees Celsius

(194 F).

But when the temperature outside gets way up there,

it is easy for me to down a huge glass of

Cold Lemon Water

made with a bit of our organic Green Stevia powder.

I get Refreshed,

I get Alkaline,

I get Hydrated!

The beauty of this is you can drink this all year round.

Drink it Cold OR Hot.

This drink has also been a great way

for people to consume more water

on a more regular basis.

Many people tell me they don’t like drinking water,

but know that it is good for them if they do.

This may be the solution to that dilemma…


Recipe For One Person:

Take a liter/quart jar with a lid

add 1/8th-1/4 teaspoon Suede Hills Green Stevia

next fill 3/4 full with the best Water you have access to

then add a few slices of fresh Lemon.

(be sure to wash the skin first)

Place the lid on the jar.

Turn it upside down or shake it up

to let the Green Stevia and Lemon mingle.

Place in the fridge.

Enjoy throughout your day!


We are here to help.

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