November 2023 – Plant Power

What a glorious autumn it has been!
No wonder so many people say that
Autumn is their favorite season.

To Mark Taylor

who came to our aid when we needed
just one extra set of hands,
besides our great staff and neighbor
to get 3000 square feet of plastic
up and over one of our greenhouses.
He sure knows how to

What a great guy!

Plant Power All the Way!!

Plant Power all the way

It never ceases to amaze me
that plants have
what the human body needs to thrive!!

I guess that is why the pharmaceutical companies
try to imitate with their drugs
that which the plants do naturally.

Personal testimony.

Long story made short.
Back in Early 2020,
remember we weren’t supposed to go out anywhere?
Well I was foolishly eating popcorn.
I broke a tooth, which had several fillings in it.
It was just a little piece that broke off at first.
So I filed it with a crystal file
(not suggesting you do that)
to remove the sharp edge that was hurting my tongue.

That worked for awhile,
until the next little piece broke off…
you can see where this is going, right?

Can you say,
“Cindy avoids the dentist when possible??”

Well a week or so ago
(3 1/2 years after the first piece came off)
many more little pieces had come off
I had a jagged edged tooth that
began to hurt.

I personally think that because
I maintain an Alkaline body
there wasn’t aggressive decay happening
during that time either.

I said this was going to be short didn’t I?

So, they get me in the same day when
I call for an appointment.
they can’t do the repair work for 6 days!
They want me to take antibiotics and pain meds.
Of course I don’t do those kind of things.

So this wonderful lady dentist says,
“You keep doing what you have been doing then.”

Which was taking our Organic Olive Leaf every hour,
beside having Schmunkie everyday,
and the mineral blend at night.

Any of you who have been reading
this newsletter for any amount of time,
you know that Olive Leaf
kills viruses, bacteria, fungus and yeast.
Basically any kind of infection.

Now I don’t know exactly how it happened
but I think I experienced a miracle….

The day before I was scheduled to go in
to have the tooth repaired,
was Phil and my 30th wedding anniversary.

I went to bed the night before the anniversary
with some discomfort in my jaw and tooth.

But in the morning ALL the discomfort was gone!
And Phil and I were able to go out for a
wonderful vegan meal
to celebrate our 30 years!!
And that was the day BEFORE
my next trip to the dentist.

p.s. I think the dentist was a bit surprised that I wasn’t begging for meds or pain killers
before the scheduled appointment.

But, PLANT POWER wins again!!
I know how powerful these Olive Leaf plants are
and I was still surprised at the
amazing healing power
that nature provides the human body.

I am so grateful!

Now I will count on our
Organic Alfalfa Leaf powder
to Detox out of my body
any residue that was left behind
from the freezing that was injected.

Dentists are good.
I definitely appreciated her services
in my time of need.
Just stay alkaline from a young age
and you will only have to go for cleanings!


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