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The Leader in Naturally Alkaline Remedies

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Our greatest pH enhancing product is our alkalizing pH Happy Caps. They are a proprietary alkalizing mineral combination that will increase your body's pH level. Easy to add to your daily routine. Learn more >>

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Our unique and strategic location in the desert area of Southern B.C. allows us to bring to you Certified Organic Olive Leaf powder in its most natural and pure form! The Organic Olive Leaf powder is the only way to go if you are making a Schmunkie. Learn more >>

stevia quick launch

Organic Green Leaf Stevia powder, it’s the Real Thing, grown on our farm! Calorie-Free sweetener, does NOT affect the blood sugar. Many natural benefits and Filler-free.
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teas quick launch

We have 5 healing blends of 100% natural and Certified Organic Caffeine Free Teas for you to choose from: Stevia Bark, Alfalfa, Chocolate Mint, Olive Leaf, Spearmint and our 5 Variety pack so you can try them all.
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alfalfa quick launch

Organic Mature Alfalfa Leaf has more protein than beef, is deep-rooted, thus nutrient-rich. Gives you energy, is a natural detoxifier. Greatly improves your quality of life. Learn more >>

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“pH”il’s Happy PET Supplement is our unique nutrient-dense, infection-fighting and immune boosting, human-grade green blend. The superior quality results in a healthier pet & fewer trips to the vet!
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Suede Hills Organic Farm - Certified Organic

Suede Hills Organic Farm is Certified Organic in Canada, USA, EU, Switzerland, Japan and Costa Rica.

We also go the extra mile and adhere to vegan organic practices.

Direct to you / Chemical-Free / Pesticide-Free / Fungicide-Free / Gluten-Free / Dairy-Free / Soy-Free

We empower our customers to live long, healthy, and pain-free lives!

canadian certified organic farmCanadian Certified Organic Farm
registered with P.A.C.S
Farm #16-419


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