Happy February to All of You Lovers of Life!


It seems that January just flew by.

Now we are off on a grand new adventure in February!!

moment of each day,

that way we have no regrets!!

So guess who just turned 80??


It is so awesome to know that the last 20 years
of labour intensive work
growing super-nutritious “food-tools”
on Suede Hills Organic Farm
has been well worth it.

The proof is in the puddin’!

To see Phil so Happy and Healthy on his 80th Birthday makes it all worth while!!
(I will include a picture of him next month.)

Once again,
new customers came into our on-farm store.
They couldn’t believe Phil was turning 80
at the end of January.

So Phil pulled out his drivers license
like he has had to do on so many occasions
just to prove his age.

This is simply because he is so bright and cheery,
physically fit and loaded with energy too!!
He has the skin of someone at least 20 years his junior.

He always responds to the folks the same way
and says,
“We are the guinea pigs!
Our stuff really works!!
We live on it!”

So to answer the question
in the subject line in this email….

You take the 80 year old
where ever he wants to go!!
And this year it is back to BELIZE for us.


Only this time we will be up in the hills
closer to Guatemala,
checking out Caving,
and Hiking around Mayan Ruins,
and maybe checking out a property or two!!

Putting Good Stuff in Your Body
yields good results.

You have heard it all before,
Get Alkaline and GET WELL!

Hopefully you are planning to celebrate
a Happy and Healthy
80th, 90th or 100th Birthday too!!

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