October 2023 – Happy Autumn

The weather has changed quickly at our farm.
The rains came,
the winds came
and the summer sun has only peeked out here and there.
It makes harvesting a bit interesting.

There are hundreds of blackbirds
lining up on the telephone wires.
You know what that means?
It means the olives on our olive trees are ripening,
Bird-food Buffet.
It also means bird poop on every vehicle!!!

Happy Autumn Everyone!

The Kamloops Farmers’ Market
Saturday’s 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Hope to see you there!

Pets KNOW what is good for them

Pets KNOW what is good for them

The last few weeks at the Kamloops Farmers’ Market have been really interesting.
There have been some new folks and their pets
move into the Kamloops area.
You can tell because they have not yet tried our
pHil’s Happy PET Supplement.

First they try a small bag,
the next week they come back
and get the medium size bag,
then the next week they get the
biggest bag of pHil’s Happy PET.
And recently one young couple
came and took advantage of our
PET Trio, which is 3 of the largest bags!

So of course I had to ask,
“Why so many in such a short time?”
Turns out they have 6 dogs!!
But the oldest one is 13 years old and was having a multitude of problems such as
Arthritis in the hips, lethargy,
foul smelling coat, cloudy eyes,
burning the grass where it peed etc..
Sure signs of an acidic system.
(P.S. a dog’s pH should be
the same as a humans 7.4 or more)

So they told me,
that 13 year old dog has renewed vim and vigor!
It is acting like a puppy again!
Therefore they have decided
to give it to all of their dogs
since it made such a huge difference
with the oldest dog.
And now their friends want to
try some too for their pets.

They figured it out that the good food they thought they were feeding their dogs
just didn’t have enough of the real nutrients
that the dogs needed
to stay alkaline and thus thrive!!

I mentioned that they too
could reap the benefits
of our Organic Alfalfa and Olive Leaf,
which are the human grade ingredients in our
pHil’s Happy PET Supplement.

One of them said that she was
going to give it a try in her smoothie,
since it made such a big difference in her beloved pet.

Let’s see if she is as loyal to her own health
as to the health of her dogs!

People, looking after those you love is admirable.
AND looking after yourself
shows you plan on being there in vibrant health
for them
and yourself
for a really long time too!

It’s time to get your GREEN on!!

Health, Happiness & Longevity to all!

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