"pH"ils Happy Pet Supplement

pH"ils Happy Pet Supplement

We created this blend for the health of our own pets, and they love it!

Did you know that the pH of a dog is supposed to be 7.4, the same as a human?

Great for all kinds of pets, our cats thrive on this blend.

Chemical-Free, Pesticide-Free, Fungicide-Free, Herbicide-Free

Learn About Our "pH"ils Happy Pet Supplement

Why it Matters

Pet Supplement made with Organic Ingredients

“pH”il’s Happy PET Supplement is a blend of “human-grade” organic, mature, deep-rooted Alfalfa and Olive Leaf powders. These amazing health-delivering leaves are hand-harvested, naturally dried, ground and packaged on our farm, only a few feet from where they were grown!

That way we ensure that “pH”il’s Happy PET is at its peak of nutritional and beneficial content, rich in easily digestible protein, with a full compliment of minerals & vitamins too. Does you dog or cat struggle with:

  • Shedding
  • Foul smelling coat
  • Scratching
  • Itching
  • Bad breath
  • Arthritis
  • Cloudy eyes
  • Infections

“pH”il’s Happy PET has more protein than beef, is a natural complete source of minerals and vitamins. Your pet will enjoy the purest, nutritional daily cleanse on the market today.

Show your pet friends how much you care by giving them the very best!

How to Use it

People & Pets - Same Health Issues?

Recommended Daily Serving – Mixed with regular food:

  • Cats: 1 tsp/day
  • Dogs: 1 tsp -1 tbs/day

Add a few shakes of pHil’s Happy Pet once or twice per day to your pet’s food. Leave it dry or add water, making a “green gravy.”

What our Customers are saying:

I share my olive leaf and alfalfa with our pet dog. She is 15 years of age and people still think she has a pup with the spring in her step. We have noticed it even more since I started her on your products. We are thankful that at her old age she isn't in any pain and I believe that your products are keeping her healthy and strong. Thankyou so much for your hard work and your products.
Bev Mousseau
The Happy PET works, my Pom-mix doesn't have joint problems any more.
Glenda (A dogs pH is to be 7.4 just like a human!)
Just a quick update to let you know that we took Karly (the dog) off her supplements and have her on two teaspoons a day of the happy pet supplement and she appears to have a lot more energy, her arthritis in her hips is definitely subdued as she has a skip in her step and she is running like I have not seen in a long while. I am having success with the happy caps with my pH now up to 6.5 so I am making my way up to 7.4 and I am taking 4 caps a night. Just wanted to give you an update. - Thanks
I have a Border Collie, and it has been on 2 caps of Prednizone for allergies. We started all three of our dogs on the pHil's Happy Pet 3 weeks ago. Now our Collie is down to 1 Prednizone every other day! We are hoping to get it off the meds completely very soon! Thanks!!
Janeen, Kamloops BC
My dog is doing really well on pHil's Happy Pet. He was really shedding. He is 10 years old and looks healthier too."
My dog was diagnosed with cancer, I had heard that Alfalfa will help him to heal. We bought several shaker bottles of pHil's Happy Pet from you, and we are pleased with the results, he has lived several months past the original diagnosis. Keep up the good work.
Audrey C.

Nutrient Rich Pet Supplement

“pH”ils Happy Pet Supplement Minerals and Vitamins, alfalfa powder pet supplement, is grown in the nutrient rich soils of the Thompson River Valley in Southern B.C. Canada.

This is probably the best testimony, because you can see it with your own eyes.

Our resident mouser, Mr. Snubby, was rescued as a kitten this winter. When we first brought him in he was tiny and full of vim and vigor. We noticed soon after that he was chewing on his tail, and he had dandruff.

A week later he had completely chewed off a ring of fur on his tail.

We started giving him Suede Hill’s Alfalfa powder with his kitten food. Ever since, this is his morning routine. He does this every morning. If we just give him his cat food, he looks down at it, sniffs it, and continues to meow at us until we add pHil’s Happy Pet.

If you want to see what Mr. Snubby is screaming about, try our alfalfa! Your pet will be screaming every morning for theirs too! Ms. Motley and Ms. Tiggy have now decided they don’t want their normal dry cat food anymore! Here’s a video of just how fervently they enjoy their pHil’s Happy Pet and cat food mixture!

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