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Suede Hills has an assortment of informational literature and books for sale. Current books in stock are:

“Quality, nutrient-dense food is not expensive, it is priceless!”

Recipes for a Vibrant Life

Recipe(s) for a Vibrant Life

We are pleased to announce that our cookbook is now available in hardcopy and digital format. Get Alkaline eating more vegan and raw food. Order soon while supply lasts!

Disease Eraser Book

Disease Eraser

Disease Eraser Book, an eye-opening journey, as we "re-think" how we look at disease and our role in changing its ability to negatively impact our lives. Recipe section included.

Green Leaf Stevia Powder Recipe Book

Green Leaf Stevia Powder Traditional Recipe Booklet

This recipe book is a 'traditional recipe' book which means that most if not all of the recipes contained use cooking of some sort. This wonderful Stevia recipe booklet contains baking ideas using Suede Hills Organic Green Leaf Stevia!

25g Stevia Jar Package

50g Stevia Jar Package

This a great place to start on your sugar-free lifestyle. Green Stevia Leaf Powder is the only Alkalizing sweetener, plus ZERO CALORIES. This little recipe booklet is a compilation of recipes from our customers. These are "traditional" recipes, meaning they contain animal fat, gluten, and dairy. For VEGAN, Gluten-free recipes you may want to consider our "Recipe(s) for a Vibrant Life" full color recipe book. Wishing you SWEET SUCCESS!
1 tsp of Suede Hills Green Stevia Powder = approx. 1 cup of sugar!

Back To The Basics - Get Alkaline = Get Well CD

Back To The Basics - Get Alkaline = Get Well CD

Cindy sheds light on what "Get Alkaline = Get Well" means through a round of Q&A and personal antidotes.

Pepe Puegot

Pepe Puegeot -The Little Car With a Big Dream!

A children's book by Cindy Levington teaching that being yourself is okay

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