March 2024 – Healthy Longevity

You are an amazing group of people.

Thank you for being a part of our experience!

Malay Apple

Malay Apple,  waxy outside with a soft spongy flesh & a large pit.

We added these often to our Schmunkie when in Belize


This has been such an interesting winter season.
I was surprised to find so many
healthy expats over 80 years young
(expat = people from North America living full or part time)
in Belize!

We met one couple,
he is 86 and she is not far behind
and they are in the process of
building a new house
in Belize!
Building a new home is super stressful,
can you imagine taking that on in your 80’s
especially in a developing country?

Many of the folks we have met
are at least in their 60’s.
A vast majority are in their 70’s
a surprising number are in their 80’s.
Many of whom live alone
in their own homes unaided or assisted!!

Scooters, wheelchairs, canes do NOT exist!
The folks here seem to have a more
expansive view of what options lay ahead of them.

They certainly are NOT planning their exit strategy!
They are planning how to live and enjoy each day!

The abundance of fresh fruit certainly helps,
as does the sunshine and warm temperatures.
All of these things are adding much needed

quality nutrients to our aging bodies.

Just a reminder,
when you stay Alkaline,
you are empowering your body to
slow down or reverse the aging process.
Thus, Longevity is the result!!

Most people go for a 30 minute walk each day,
some kayak twice a week on the Belize River.
A few do yoga.
Most just enjoy life,
they visit with the neighbors, read, research,
they go on outings to different restaurants,
or touristy tours
like rafting, caving, chocolate making.
Always ready to help a neighbor in need
even if it is just a cup of flour or an egg.
Or a helping hand to build a roof over a patio
(Thanks Mike D!!)
Some people work on projects
with the locals in the neighboring village.
Many enjoy community potluck dinners
and events organized by other residents.

So Longevity isn’t really talked about,
it is just an
Attitude, Perspective,
A Way of Life.
I think once people get out of the rat race
they can see more clearly
how distracted they have been
from how they would really prefer
to spend their days.

What I have noticed about people
living in Healthy Longevity is:

*doing what makes you happy
* quiet time to do nothing
* time to visit with others
* enjoy today
* sunshine, fresh air
* walking in nature
*quality fresh produce
* warm temperatures
* plenty of sleep
* Staying Alkaline so the cells can rejuvenate!

You know our Suede Hills organic products
help with that tremendously.

It is kind of funny that Phil,
at 81 years is considered
a “young’n” here
in this expat community.
I think the oldest right now is 89
and she goes out for her walks
morning and early evening everyday!

If anyone can enjoy this lifestyle
YOU can!
All it takes is a decision to honor yourself.
Start where you live now
set your trajectory for
Healthy Longevity
and your best life ever!

We are so grateful to be a part of your experience.

Health and Happiness to you always!

A Schmunkie a day keeps the doctor away!


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It is our joy to serve you!
Health and Happiness
to you always!
Phil & Cindy

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