Caffeine-Free Teas

5 Variety of Organic Caffeine-Free Tea

Try our 5 Tea Variety Pack so you can benefit from them all.
(6 tea bags of each type)

Learn About Our Organic, Caffeine-Free Teas

Do you love to drink tea but need to get away from caffeine?

Looking to find an organic source of teas?

We have five different flavours of teas. Suede Hills Certified Organic Teas are CAFFEINE-FREE and are full of natural health benefits!

Our Caffeine-Free Teas are made on site and are as nature intended them. We hand pick all the leaves and dry them in our greenhouse. The teas are then packaged on site in unbleached tea bags. Heat (never boil!) water and pour over tea bag. Steep for 3-5 minutes. Let the tea bag sit in the cup and steep as you enjoy your tea.

Our Five Varieties of Caffeine-Free Teas

Taste: Similar to Chamomile Tea

The bark of the stevia plant has five times more antioxidant properties than green tea and five times more antioxidant than is found in its leaves. Stevia bark contains beta-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and zinc.

Taste: Spearmint

Spearmint Tea has been popular since ancient times for its many health benefits.

Taste: Similar to a Peppermint Patty

Chocolate Mint Tea is one of our most popular teas, this tea contains no actual chocolate! The Chocolate Mint plant has a bit of a chocolate taste but a peppermint flavor is more dominant.

Taste: A cross between a Green and Black Tea

When Oleuropein (Olive Leaf) is taken orally two natural enzymes in the body esteraize and beta-glucosidase, convert the oleuropein to elenolic acid.

Taste: Green

Alfalfa is considered highly versatile due to its high nutritional content. The mature Alfalfa plant has all the known vitamins, including vitamin K and D.

Alfalfa has a high chlorophyll content, and a balanced group of minerals including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Due to this amazing compliment of minerals and vitamins, tea made from mature Alfalfa leaves is a good nutritional source for humans.

*PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT doctors! Suede Hills was founded by Phil and Cindy Levington: raw vegan, organic farmers who have over 50 years of combined natural-health focused experience, which in our opinion, may be of great benefit to you! The suggestions made are opinions only and based on Phil and Cindy’s personal experience as well as from the feedback and testimonies of our awesome customers.
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