December 2023 – Assumptions Conundrum

Welcome to December!

I have to admit that we have bailed
on doing the winter thing this year.
We are spending time in Belize.

Wonderful place Belize,
many different climactic zones.
Most tourists end up on the Caribbean Coast,
but we are up in the hills in the Cayo District.

Our Belize experience
is the jumping off place
for this month’s newsletter.

Assumptions Conundrum?

Assumptions Conundrum

Take a closer look at the picture of Phil above.
First, wouldn’t you ASSUME
that if you are in a tropical country like Belize
that you would NOT need a fuzzy vest?

When it gets to +30 (86F) Celsius or more
during the day,
then +19 (66F) Celsius
first thing in the morning it feels cool.

You would also ASSUME that fog
(in the background)
was not on the tropical vacation menu?

Apparently the mistier it is
in the morning
the hotter and sunnier
it will become in about 2 hours
and for the rest of the day!

You would ASSUME that oranges
are orange in color and not green, right?
Yes, those are fresh oranges Phil is squeezing
and maybe one grapefruit.
It is challenging to tell the difference here
since they pretty much look the same on the outside. Even size isn’t necessarily an indicator.

Beyond the scope of this picture,
you would ASSUME that a
Real Estate Developer would actually
develop the land he is trying to sell
to entice buyers to buy?
I don’t have an answer for this one,
it boggles the mind.
Other than maybe the money ran out!

You would ASSUME that Cinnamon Buns
would have cinnamon in them, right?
Not at the “French” Bakery
here in Cayo district.

How about ASSUMING that
Raisin Bread
would have more than one raisin per slice?
Raisins must be expensive to import??

How about if you buy a Stapler,
you would ASSUME
it actually came with staples in it?
Not in Belize! That is a separate item!

Oh, and you would ASSUME that when you buy
a license for a vehicle,
the government agent would actually provide
a metal, physical, license plate
to attach to the vehicle
rather than
a 2 inch by 8 inch slip of paper
with a stamp on it
until they can make some more license plates!!!
Go figure!

But, that is part of the “charm”
of being in a country
that has not been over regulated, YET!
It feels like what life was like 50 years ago,
simpler, more at ease with happy people!

AND you also don’t expect
everyone, male and female alike
to make eye contact with you
to actually say,
“Good Morning!!”
It is a lovely surprise!

Back in North America,
that most people are so involved
in their own world
that they rarely acknowledge your presence.

But not in Belize!!
Everyone gets acknowledged!!
I love that about this place!!

So to bring this back around
to improving your health,
that the Absence of Symptoms
means you are healthy.

We have been programmed
that being on meds is “normal”
but it is NOT!
And we all know that
meds only treat the symptoms!

Our sincere desire for all of you
is to live your life with Vibrancy,
Free From Pain and Free From Meds.

My Dad,
by his own admission
was just “existing.”
He allowed himself to suffer
from self-inflicted Diabetes
and chose not to change his ways.

That is not vibrant life.
As I have said so many times,
YOU have the power to change and improve
your life experience.

Real Nutritionally Dense Food
is thee answer!
Empower Your Body to Heal Itself!

Suede Hills has what the human body can thrive on.
Phil’s annual and bi-annual required physicals
have proved it to be so.

I can’t imagine healthy life without
our Organic Alfalfa, Olive Leaf, Green Stevia,
& Sunchoke Powder.
You should see how much we brought down to
Belize with us!

A Schmunkie a day keeps the doctor away!


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