February 2024 – Never Stop Learning

The month of LOVE…
Acceptance, Respect, Appreciation.

LOVE is a deep word,
that few of us fully grasp,
and we are getting better at it!

Wishing all of you wonderful folks
the very best of Love this month.

Never Stop Learning!

Belise Goats

So, the first picture needs a closer look.
Developing countries such as Belize
have much wisdom to share with us folks.

This little lamb has a “Y” shaped branch
and a piece of wood attached around its neck
in the shape of a triangle.

At first glance you may think, “what for?”
but if you had the vantage point we did,
you could see that even though
there was a barbed wire fence to keep the lamb in,
the lamb was small enough to get through the fencing.

So these clever Belizians made a way
for the lamb to still be free to roam the field
without being tied up…..
they made this wooden triangle
which makes it pretty much impossible
for the lamb to get through the fencing!

Soursop fruit
Soursop fruit

The next photo is of a Soursop fruit.
Some of the larger fruit seem to have
“scales” that curl up,
but this smaller fruit has some bumps
on the exterior.
The fruit also has shiny black seeds
that are contained in the pockets of flush
inside the fruit.
The name may be a turn off if you take it literally,
and your initial smell of the interior
may see you turning up your nose
as this fruit has a slight putrid smell.
I dared to venture further
because of the many people telling me
how it tasted like a cross
between an apple and a strawberry
with a cream texture.

The benefits of trying new fresh foods
when traveling to me is taking full advantage
of the opportunity before you
to access different nutrients, textures and flavors.

Also learning to eat with the seasons is far more apparent in a developing country.
For us we are being made fully aware
that Avocados do NOT grow all year round,
at least not in Belize.
Neither is Mango available except in season
which I understand to be from May to July.

Talk about learning something new…
then there is the case of
Solar Power and Water Catchment.
That has been a real learning curve,
more for Phil than me,
but one becomes very aware of
ones consumption of water and power!

We have 3 Lithium Ion Batteries and
14 Solar Panels that
serve our tiny 740 square foot house.

It isn’t so much about the size of the house
but more about usage
and the number of people using the systems.

We have yet to have any issues with either.
And I have found you are happy
no matter the weather…
if it rains you know
the cistern is being filled with water
and when it is sunny you know
the Solar Batteries are getting a full charge!

We intend to add more filters and purification
to the water system.
At this point we have been buying
5 gallon jugs of purified water.

FYI~ It is not as though you get a new jug each time. What they do is you bring back your jug
and they pour the water from
one of their sealed jugs into yours.
You should see how these tiny Belizean young ladies
can wield a 5 gallon jug of water!!

I have to say that most people think
once you get to 65 and 81 years young
you should stop taking risks.
Due to our CONSISTENT consumption of
our Suede Hills
Organic Alfalfa and Olive Leaf powders
we are strong, healthy and alkaline.
Therefore, we can continue to live life to the full
rather than just exist!
I have to tell you,
I feel that this adventure of having
a second home in Belize
has been an amazing learning curve,
the warm temperatures sure feel good to the body,
elevate your life force energy
and broaden the smile on your face!

Keep on learning, it keeps you young!!
Alkaline and Happy in Belize,
Cheers from
Phil and Cindy

p.s. we are back on the farm in March

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