Spinach is Acid-forming

Is the SPINACH you are eating contributing to the over-acidification of your body?

I hear this all the time…..“I thought that spinach was supposed to be good for you?”

Spinach has benefits, and I would recommend it over any animal product any day of the week, but spinach has a “dark side”.

Spinach creates oxalic acid when it metabolizes in your body. You may be aware that rhubarb leaves are poisonous, and what makes that so is the oxalates (oxalic acid) in the rhubarb leaves.

We just wanted to bring this to your attention since so many folks we meet are consuming spinach on a regular basis as part of their healthy lifestyle.

One of our longtime clients was regularly using her Suede Hills organic alfalfa, olive leaf and pH Happy Caps, yet was unable to get herself stable in the alkaline zone. This of course was puzzling and somewhat frustrating.

Until one day…. After spending some time in person with us we finally deduced that she was consuming spinach everyday throughout her day, generally in a green smoothie. Once this lovely lady eliminated the quantity of spinach she ate, her alkaline levels rose and everything else seemed to fall into place.

There are of course other acidic foods contributing to the overall acidity in ones body, such as blueberries and oats. Both of which many folks eat daily as part of their “healthy lifestyle”.

If you are eating spinach, blueberries and or oats on a regular basis, you may want to consider choosing other foods until you get yourself alkaline and maintain it for several months, because your body has a backlog of stored acids it wants to eliminate.

Then once you are able to maintain an alkaline body on a regular basis, think about re-introducing these two foods and other acid-forming foods, in smaller quantities, back into your life if you truly miss them.

Getting alkaline is not like a college degree, that once you achieve it it is yours for evermore. Remember that your pH is a balancing act and can be affected easily by consumption of foods or drinks that tip the scale to acidic when you have not consumed enough real “usable minerals” to escort those acids out of your body.

Our whole aim is to help you get and stay alkaline thus, get and stay well! If the cells of your body are alkaline, meaning they are oxygenating and hydrating correctly, they can do their specific job, and keep you well, which IS your natural state of being!

A regular routine of consuming highly alkaline-forming foods such as our organic alfalfa, olive leaf and pH Happy Caps empowers your body with the plant tools to keep you well.

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