March 2018 – Does Clarity Matter to You?

I have had several folks come to me recently regarding brain fog, hearing issues, eyesight issues. Did you know they could all be related? Clarity of mind, clarity in your hearing and clarity in your vision are all effected by an acidic environment in your body.

Phil found that when he maintained an alkaline body, his sight and clarity of mind improved significantly.
(As his wife, I think husbands have a built in switch that negates the entire hearing function. LOL!!)


The synapses in your brain tend to corrode in an acidic environment, similar to a car battery. Thus interrupting the electrical signal from one synapse to another. Brain fog, memory issues, & dementia can be the result.

The little hairs in your ears are key to proper hearing function. If the body is too acidic these little hairs can’t grow in the follicles. Thus the hearing becomes impaired.

The amazing cells that enable us to see are impeded when they become too acidic as well. Remember our body is a whole unit. They have specialized functions, but all require the basic nutrient tool box in order to fully function. If clarity at any or all levels matters to you, it is imperative that you GET ALKALINE and stay alkaline. You will be so pleased that you did that for yourself. If any of this resonates with you we have the “food tools” & information you require.

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