April 2019 – Helping Your Body To Heal Itself

“The obvious is not usually the most significant.”

How did winter treat you? Are you feeling like you need to get back on the right track?
We are here to help! Just drop us an email or call toll free 1-877-682-1188 and we will be happy to help you be the best you that you can be!

It’s great to have the temperatures above freezing at night!

As farmers we have been waiting for the ground to thaw so we can get back out on the land.

We are looking forward to a great growing season so we can continue to bring you the very best Organic, Alkaline Food Tools to help your body to heal itself!

Phil and I wish you the very best of this glorious Spring season of renewal!

Tips/ Tidbits

For those of us who are devoted Schmunkie eaters, I have a couple of tips.

  1. We were inspired while on vacation to start using some fresh coconut water in our Schmunkie. Phil got good at using a machete to open the coconut, but that is a little awkward to do at home. So he learned you could use a drill. Fresh coconut water contains:potassium, calcium, magnesium, amino acids. It is a antioxidant, keeps the bowels moving. (Note: this is the clear water right from a coconut)
  2. We started to explore other tropical fruits to switch up the nutrients we were getting daily. We have become quite fond of changing things up by adding: Star fruit, Dragon fruit, Guava, Passion fruit, and of course some fresh coconut meatevery once in a while. We even tried “Chocolate Sapote” It is from the Persimmon family. The fruit turns from green to a dark brown/black color on the outside and on the inside! The texture of the fruit is like chocolate pudding and the flavor is light and fresh. See the BEFORE & AFTER pictures below:

chocolate sapote outside      chocolate sapote inside


  • Did you know that Banana is a herb?
  • Did you know that Pineapple, Raspberry & Noni are each a group of individual fruit growing together in a cluster? (each little seed pocket is an individual fruit)
  • Did you know that Blue Green Algae & Chlorellaare NOT plants? (They are little creatures, who’s purpose is to clean stagnant water)
  • Did you know that whoever handles a product last can handle it in an “organic manner” and thus claim that the produce is organic? (Just like the “organic” lemons I bought the other day, which were packaged in Saskatchewan, Canada and received a Canadian Organic designation, which has the same regulations as the USDA organic industry. FYI~ Lemons do NOT even grow in Canada!! So how do they know if they were grown organically??? If they were grown organically in the USA, why don’t they have a USDA organic designation?)
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