March 2019 – Alkalizing Foods & Spices Can Make Your Days Flavorful

“Thoughts Become Things! Where Your Attention Goes Energy Flows!
If You Want a Happy Life Focus on Things That Make You Happy!”

March is filled with anticipation of Spring warmth for me. I have been enjoying re-examining things that I have taken for granted, like alkalizing foods & spices that make my days so flavorful.

Join me as we explore more about how what we put in our mouth has a positive or a negative effect on our body and thus on the journey to our Best Life Ever!

Did You Know This?

Our very knowledgeable guide Mags explains where cinnamon comes from in the short video clip above.

Who doesn’t buy into the “comfort food” taste of cinnamon? We use cinnamon everyday in our Phil’s Ultimate Breakfast with a “Schmunkie“. (A cross between a smoothie and a chunkie is a Schmunkie)

Cinnamon helps the body to process the fructose in a way that does not affect your blood sugar.

Here is a tidbit…

Were you aware that most, if not all Spices are Alkaline-Forming? That is great news!

If you want a delicious yet uncomplicated life, learning to use various spices will help you take a few key Alkaline fruit or veggie ingredients and enjoy them in many flavorful options!

People often ask, “Where do I begin, if I want to change to a more Alkaline way of eating?”

Number one is Reduce or Eliminate animal products!!

BUT, I suggest folks start by deciding which flavors they prefer and work back from there.

I often take the same basic veggie ingredients and make them taste of flavors such as: Indian (curry), Italian (garlic, oregano and basil), Mexican (cumin & coriander), Chinese (garlic & 5 spice powder)

It is so simple, and that way it gives you loads of leverage, especially if you have a limited variety of veggies to choose from.

As always our Schmunkie is our dependable powerhouse of nutrition, but our one savory meal of the day made with different spices gives us the variety that makes life tasty!

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