Almond Mylk

This is so easy you will wonder why everyone doesn’t do it!!

Almond Mylk

  • Take one cup of Raw Almonds and soak overnight in water.
  • Drain off the liquid.
  • Pour the soaked almonds in your food processor, add 2 cups of water and whiz it up until smooth.

The next step is up to you…you can leave it as is, or add a dash of vanilla, or cocoa or any other flavour that appeals to you. The plain version is quite good and very easily used on cereals, in hot drinks or cold. Almond mylk is great by itself too.

Some folks like to pour the contents of the mixer into a nut-mylk bag, to separate the mylk from the pulp. It is really up to you. If I am going to use it in my Apple Walnut Muesli Recipe I leave the pulp in. Another reason people may want to separate the mylk from the pulp, is because folks like to use the pulp to make dehydrated crackers and treats.

It is only your creativity that is the limit of possibilities!!

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