September 2021 – Are You in Transition?

We survived the heat wave,
2 wildfires, one on either side of us,
we couldn’t see the sky for 6 weeks
because of
the thick smoke and prolific ash fallout.
Phil started calling the fallout, “summer snow.”

Never a dull moment on the farm!

The optimist in us says,
“the fallout is delivering new nutrients to the soil.”

It is so good to see the beautiful blue sky,
as well as the much needed rain
that has come in the last week or so.
We have a renewed appreciation for breathing clean, fresh air!

Health and Happiness to you!!

Phil in Transition!!

Phil in Transition

Have you ever felt like he looks???
Confused, overwhelmed, trying to be ready for whatever may come your way?
I had to share this picture with you.

As the world around us seems to be changing minute by minute, it seems just when we are starting to
adjust to a new situation,
the rug gets pulled out
from beneath our feet once again.

We have found that most folks are better able to navigate all of these stressful changes when they have made the
deliberate choice
to “manage” their own health.
It’s time we take advantage
of the extremely important things
that we do have control over.
This will help to contribute to our overall well being
and the quality of life we all experience.

There is a sense of self-empowerment
as we choose what we do for ourselves,
such as eating quality health-giving foods,
walking in the fresh air,
taking time to go inward and reflect
on the plethora of things & people to be grateful for.

It has been noted that when we
keep our body in a more Alkaline state,
we have an easier time with stressful situations.

*Our brain function operates at a higher capacity.
*The cells of our body regenerate and rejuvenate.
*Our digestive system performs better.
*Healing is occurring at an increased rate.
*We sleep better.

If just one of these areas were improved in our life,
we would enjoy ourselves waaaay more!

Suede Hills has amazing Alkaline tools.

Give us a call or email us
we look forward to assisting you,
to look after you!

P.S. ~The reason Phil looked like this…..
He had to “Transition”
as the weather/circumstances changed.
At first Phil started out in
shorts and a short-sleeved shirt
with his safety glasses and gloves.
It became too cold for him,
so he added another shirt
(the blue one hanging out the bottom).
It got even colder & windier
so he added a down-filled vest
(that is why he looks all puffed up!)
Then it started to rain, so he added the rain jacket!

He came down to the office to ask me a question,
and I got the best laugh of my day!!
I hope it brings a smile to your face too!!!


We are here to help.

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