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August 2015 - Testimonials

We have had extreme heat, hail, rain, wind and a mini-tornado, that we call a "dust devil". The dust devil up-rooted one of our mature Olive Trees. See the picture later in the newsletter.Hope your summer is all you hoped it would be!

Health to you!


We love your testimonies!

But even MORE important than that, when you share your personal testimony it goes a long wayto help others find the relief they are looking for. Plus you get to be a part of helping others access effective and natural ways to facilitate health and healing for their body.

We have had so many folks report back to us that their friend or relative or co-worker told them about Suede Hills Organic Farms and our alkalizing products.

So number one, PLEASE call or email or stop by and share YOUR testimony with us so YOU too can be a part ofhelping others get the relief they seek.

We have had some wonderful folks drive 9 hours to come share their life changing testimonies in person.

Some folks think it has to be some earth shattering testimony, but that is not true. ANY relief from pain or symptoms, small or great is worth sharing! You would be surprised how many others have suffered just like you.

"For many years my nasal passage gradually closed while sleeping, causing me to wake up gasping for air and my heart racing. Seen many doctors with no success or options, left me wearing breathe right strips every night with little relief. Started taking Suede Hills happy caps,olive leaf & alfalfa powder, within 2 weeks sleeping full nights without any problems. I feel so much better with so much more energy.Thanks to Cindy & Phil for there wonderful products an getting my life back to normal" - Jim from Nova Scotia

"Wowzers! I just wanted to let you know that your Alfalfa powder is doing WONDERS!!!!! for my body. I feel much healthier and more energetic. I take a tablespoon per day of alfalfa powder as instructed. My bowel system is functioning better because of your Alfalfa powder. I NO LONGER!!! take any medications for any of my health issues either. I will be a life long customer of yours I will also be purchasing your olive leaf powder in the near future. Your company has created beneficial health products for every human beings to use so we can stay disease free, and feel our best. THANKS!!! TO GOD!!!! AND YOUR ALFALFA POWDER I am well on my way to SUPERIOR health. PLEASE!!! KEEP MAKING YOUR GOD GIVEN PLANT BASED PRODUCTS. YOU HAVE A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE. THANK YOU!!! AND GOD BLESS!!! YOUR COMPANY." - Sincerely, Katy C. A.

"Since starting the alfalfa, olive leaf and happy caps in April I have had numerous benefits which include

- a LOT more energy that lasts me the whole day
- huge relief from PMS mood swings and cramps
- a wonderful boost in libido :)

But most importantly being able to manage my illness with no medication. I took a huge leap of faith and gave up my last form of treatment and have been off it successfully since April 8th! I am ecstatic about this as I haven't been able to do that yet! I feel amazing and recommend this to everyone :)" - Cheryl S.

"Since taking your alfalfa and olive leaf caps I don't even get cold sores anymore!" - Otto R.

Wife~ " I had been so sick for so long, I just wanted to stand in front of a truck, ask my husband. It's been a year since taking your products and I feel amazing!I feel so much better and have so much energy now."

Husband~ "This may gross you out, but I have to tell you, that within 3 weeks of taking your products, my hemorrhoids were gone! I am an equipment operator, and I sit for a living, so this is big to me! My gout is gone too, I feel like I am 25 again, which is awesome (he is 54) because I love to ride motocross. I can hardly wait for this coming season!" - D & T Regan

We hope this has been inspirational for you and the ones you love and care about.

Stay Alkaline & Stay Well!

suede hills olive tree

On July 20th 2015, about half an hour before customers from Saskatchewan arrived on their motorbike, the "dust-devil"/mini-tornado, uprooted this mature 30 foot Olive tree on our farm. It was amazing that the other trees were left standing!

Inspirational Quote:

"If you will let your standard of success be your achievement of joy ~ everything else will fall easily into place."

Health & Happiness To You Always!

Phil & Cindy Levington

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