October 2022 – Inside Out Issues

We have had an amazing warm and sunny last few weeks!
The Green Stevia is harvested,
and we are working on getting more Garlic powder
ready for those who are patiently waiting for it.

It has been quite extraordinary to see
what only 4 people
can accomplish when necessary.

Next time you have the privilege of purchasing
directly from an Organic Farmer at the market.
I highly suggest you take the time
to show appreciation
for the quality of food that they are providing for you.
It comes with much effort on their part.

A heart-felt “Thank You” will go along way
especially at this time of year.

I enjoy paying whatever the price they ask
at the Farmers’ Markets
because I know the amount of time it takes
to produce quality food!

Who else do you know that could use
a “Thank you!” in their lives?
The grocery clerk, the librarian,
the people who pick up your garbage???

A big
to all of our wonderful, customers!!
We so appreciate you!!!

The Kamloops Farmers’ Market

You will find us there
Saturdays from 8:30a.m. to 12:30p.m.
at 3rd and St. Paul
in Kamloops B.C.

Inside Out Issues

What do you value?

Skin rashes are a fairly normal thing.
People don’t really give it much thought.
But, could the skin rash be a sign
of a larger under laying issue?

It has been our experience that
the rash is a “sign”
that the body does NOT have
the tools it needs to access its own
ability to heal itself as it is designed to do.

 The human body requires natural minerals,
which are found in quality grown organic food,
to attach to acids and toxins
then physically escort them out of the body.

When the body is deficient in these natural nutrients
it has to resort to a plan “B”,
like pushing these acids and toxins
out through the skin.
This is simply because the main job
is to keep the alkalinity of the blood at 7.35-7.45.

I am sure you are aware by now that
our Organic Alfalfa is loaded
with these alkaline mineral nutrients.
Plus the natural detox ability of our Organic Alfalfa helps the body to eliminate
those acids and toxins safely out
through the urinary and GI tract.
Thus they do not need to be expelled
out of the body through the skin.
Rash situation solved!!

A Happy, Healthy Body is the result.

As you know I am NOT a doctor,
but I do have about 20 years experience
as a resource,
helping folks naturally resolve
many different kinds of health issues,
simply by providing the body
with nutrient rich food-tools
to empower the body to heal itself.

I am here to help those
that desire a natural, beneficial result,
working in harmony with the body.

As Charlotte Gerson from the famous
Gerson Institute once said,
“You can’t heal with poison!!”

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