November 2020 – Baffled with Organic Labeling BS?

It has been brought to my attention once again how misled people are when it comes to reading labels, even those who do their due diligence and actually read the labels.

The “marketing theys” out there who market organic products as well as non-organic have created a new misleading art form of providing absolutely useless information on labels that sound good but is ultimately detrimental to your health, in my opinion!!

The fact that the white chemical version of Stevia can be sold as “organic” is a travesty!!

You, the unsuspecting consumer think that the fact that there is an Organic Certification on the label means that the product is actually “beneficial” to your health.

NOTHING could be further from the truth!!

What “they” do is play with the labeling guidelines.

If “they” can find some kind of filler that they can get classed as Organic, and use it to fill at least 95% of the weight,

“they” can technically add the chemical Stevia Extract as the last ingredient and still call it Organic Stevia!

What a load of BS!!

This is the same standard for MANY packaged Organic products.

I ask you to step up your food label reading, and I ask you to THINK for yourself!

If the first ingredient isn’t the item you think you are buying, then don’t buy it, simple as that.

Packaged processed “organic foods” are generally just as VOID of benefit to your body as the non-organic packaged and processed “foods”!

Hopefully they at least have less toxins in them.

But that is not necessarily always the case.

I applaud you for making every effort to buy organic whenever possible.

But just know that an Organic label still doesn’t mean that there are quality nutrients inside the package to benefit your health.

That is what it is all about, right?

Benefiting your health?


That is what “they” listen to.

The packaged and processed foods may be convenient for you short term , but they may just be what will guarantee that your life will be “short-term” as well.


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