Meet Cindy Levington

Cindy and Phil have been together for over 30 years. Now healthier, leaner and trimmer than she ever imagined possible, with a desire to empower others to live their best life ever too!

Meet Cindy Levington

Cindy was “the sicky”, the reason they left the city and moved to the fabulous desert climate of Walhachin B.C. to grow Alfalfa for their own consumption, plus get Cindy well.

  • Having been overweight since a young child, she remembers being told to only look at the “chubbies” clothes in the local catalogue.
  • She was diagnosed with having over 400 allergies when still very young.
  • Cindy was constipated the majority of the first 40 years of her life, thus many health issues arose.
  • For example, she was Hypoglycemic and told she would be a Diabetic by the time she was 30.
  • She had fainting spells and was on medication for anxiety as a teenager.
  • Her appendix ruptured when she was 3 ½ months pregnant.
  • Years later experienced numbness from the waist down, and diagnosed as having MS.
  • She was told by a doctor she believed Cindy had uterine cancer.
  • A herniated disc in her back incapacitated her to the point where Phil had to dress her for 6 months.

These are just to highlight a few of the health challenges she has overcome since starting on Phil’s recommendation of eating alfalfa leaf powder to deliver real nutrition, detoxify and get alkaline.

All these ailments were cured even before Cindy became a Vegan over 13 years ago. Committing to a 100% plant-based way of eating just took her health to a whole new level of vitality that could have only been dreamed of before. Cindy wants everyone to know, just how easy it is to GET ALKALINE and GET WELL!

From a career in Banking, to creating a successful Balloon business, to writing books, to being the voice and face on the Suede Hills CD and YouTube videos, sharing and empowering others, is Cindy’s passion!


When Cindy first met Phil, he made a powerful statement to her, he said,“It gets better and better!”

It sure has been true for Cindy. She would like to be part of empowering you to experience your life of better and better health, and happiness.

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