May 2024 – Why is it called a treat?

May has arrived!
The temperature is warming up a bit.
The willow trees are filled with their fuzzy flowers
and the bees are happily buzzing and pollinating them.


The Farmers’ Market in Kamloops is underway.
This is our 19th season at the Market!
If you are in our area we hope you stop by and say hello.

Why is it called a treat?

May 2024 - Why is it called a treat

Why is it called
a “Treat” when you eat stuff
that isn’t good for you?

I have wondered this since I was a young person.

And I was reminded of this once again
a couple of weeks ago
when Phil and I were out and about,
and a 35 minute drive
away from our Schmunkies
back home on the farm.
(poor planning on our part
was what made way for this folly)

You know that feeling,
when you got absorbed in doing something else
and all of a sudden you realize
it is like 2:30 in the afternoon
and you are really, really hungry?

That happened to us.
Once you have put two and two together
as to why you are feeling kinda funny
you want to eat NOW!
All common sense seems to escape you.

We were too far from home,
the Vegan restaurant that we knew of
had gone out of business.
Thought we will try another place close by.
It was a no go.
The local health food store has a sandwich bar.
Except we had been there 3 weeks in a row.

This next move was the fatal mistake/choice.
Choice, call it what it was….
“Let’s go to the food court at the mall!”

So, Phil gets New York Fries, I get Chinese food.
But that wasn’t enough.
The proverbial icing on the cake
to our “cheat treat”
was to go into the grocery store
conveniently located
right next to the food court,
which just happens to have a bakery in it!!

So guess what the next unwise “choice” was?
Two Raspberry Scones for Phil,
(avoiding too much sugar he says, ha ha!!)
a Mile High Cinnamon Bun without icing for me!
(avoiding too much sugar I justify, ha ha!!)

We didn’t eat anything else the rest of that day.
We couldn’t.
All that stuff we called a ” cheat treat”
was sitting in our gut
like a big lump, stuck there.

We at least had the presence of mind
to drink lots and lots of water,
to help move things along,
dilute the sodium, sugar
and also mitigate the onset
of cramping in our legs
due to all the wheat, potatoes and rice
that had been consumed.

We didn’t wait until lunch the next afternoon
to eat our beloved Schmunkies,
we got up and the first thing we did
was to eat all that Schmunkie goodness,
to help purge
the “cheat treat” residue
from our bodies.

So, do you think we will remember
how uncomfortable we felt
the next time a similar situation presents itself?

One can only hope
that we are the wiser
for having had the experience.
And the only ones
who were getting “cheated”
was ourselves.

The trick is to get back on
the healthy, alkaline path immediately!
That is exactly what we did.

It sure made me appreciate how good I feel
when I eat our nutritious Schmunkie.

That fabulous recipe
that was researched by Phil,
and implemented by me,
gives us ALL of our Vital Nutrients,
Raw and Plant-based each and everyday,
saved the day once again!


The key Schmunkie ingredients
as you probably know are our
nutrient-rich Organic Alfalfa,
Olive Leaf, Green Stevia, Sunchoke Powders.

Hopefully the next time you are in a similar situation,
or in an everyday “choice” opportunity
you will do better than we did.

Once your system
has been used to healthier choices
it may offer a stronger,
more noticeable response to unwise food choices,
like ours did.
That is awesome,
we needed to be reminded
what we put in our body
EVERY time we eat.

is to
Treat Yourself Very Well
the Majority of the time,
by feeding yourself
Healthy, Fresh Food,
the more raw food, plant-based
the better for your gut
and for every cell in your body!
Health and Happiness to you always!

A Schmunkie a day keeps the doctor away!

We are so grateful to be a part of you,
living your best life ever!

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