June 2018 – 4 Most Asked Questions when considering a Whole-Food Plant-Based diet cont’d

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Welcome back for the third part in this series.

The 4 Most Asked Questions when considering a Whole-Food Plant-Based diet, cont’d

4 Most Asked QuestionsThis little guy has it right! Unfortunately most of us already have quite a few miles under our belts. Not to mention a few too many pounds and a long list of “not so good” food choices to go along with it! There is help for you right here right now!

Let’s review the 4 questions.

The 4 Questions:

WHY would I want to switch to a plant-based diet?
(Remember to ask yourself this question, not the peanut gallery!!)

HOW do I do this and not be a freak?
(Will I still be able to eat out with friends?)

WHAT on earth am I going to eat?
(aka, where will I get my protein?)

WHO can I talk to to find out where to start?

#4 – Let’s talk about WHO can help you get started!

WE CAN HELP!!! It is our passion to Empower you to Live a Long, Healthy, Pain-free, Drug-free Life!!

Who else do you know who is intentionally orchestrating their lives to live healthfully, well beyond 100 years of age? There is so much misleading & conflicting info out there. It really pays to connect with folks who have actually lived what they share about.

We have more than 50 years of nutritional research and experience behind us. Some of it isn’t pretty. Some of it has saved people from a life of chronic pain, suffering, surgery and a diminished quality of life.

Some folks believe they wouldn’t otherwise still be here. This stuff isn’t theory, it has been lived. The bonus for you is the substantial amount of detailed feedback and testimonies from 100’s if not a 1000 wonderful people just like you! Together we all empower each other to be stronger & healthier literally from the ground up!!

Call Us Toll Free 1-877-682-1188

It is our passion to empower you on your alkalizing journey!

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