July 2024 – Is Chicken Good For You?

Hello Healthy, Happy People!

July is upon us
and we are still waiting
for the heat to arrive
in our part of the world!

May this month bring you that which your heart desires.

The Farmers’ Market in Kamloops is underway.
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Chicken!! Is it good for you?

Chicken - Is it good for you

I bet most of you think
that eating chicken vs red meat
is a good choice and
that you are doing yourself a huge favor
by making that choice.

So, recently as I was researching
Dr. Sandra Rose Michael‘s work
I came across some interesting information
on her website.

Dr. Michael states that
CHICKEN is the most Inflammatory
of the meats!

Beef has a sugar in it that
the body and brain can’t recognize.
Chicken has a high Arachidonic Acid content.

I know, I had never heard of it either!!

Arachidonic Acid is an inflammatory
Omega-6 fatty acid.
The research found on Nutritionfacts.org
says that our body makes this nutrient,
and having it in our body in excess
may lead to
inflammatory diseases & mood disorders.
A.A. is found in animal products, like poultry and eggs.

They cite that Japanese researchers
found that just one egg per day
elevated Arachidonic Acid levels in the bloodstream.
Therefore doing that may trigger brain inflammation.

It is suggested that
even a Semi-Vegetarian diet
has been shown to be highly beneficial
in preventing relapses
among Crohn’s disease sufferers.

I found it really interesting that Dr. Michael
also shares that
Harvard research shows that

Dementia is often referred to as
Diabetes of the brain,
i.e. inflammation of the brain.

We encourage you to reduce the amount of
animal products and their by-products
from your daily eating patterns.

This choice will play a significant part
in your overall
Health and Well Being journey.

Our personal journey as Vegans
has proved to be
the best choice
we made 17 years ago.

That was even before we had all the info
to support our choice
for overall
Health,Wellness and Rejuvenation!

WE desire for you to experience
the same benefits!

Truly, mature Alfalfa leaf has MORE protein than beef!
It is super Alkalizing, it Detoxes your body,
it is full of Minerals & Vitamins in their natural state, gives you Energy,
plus it is the BEST Alkaline Green on the planet
due to its extensive root system!!!

Now doesn’t that just help to confirm
your wise choice
to consume your Alfalfa everyday?

Way to go!!

A Schmunkie a day keeps the doctor away!

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