January 2022 – Health vs. Weight Loss

Here we are, happy to have transcended 2021!

As Phil always says,
“It just gets better and better,
if you let it!!”

We have noticed that those who choose
to find something positive to focus on,
no matter what is happening all around them,
continue to thrive, and enjoy life.

We wish you the clarity to find the positive
in your life situation….
because there is ALWAYS something to appreciate.

Today I see a flock of Cedar Waxwing birds in the olive trees,
eating the olive berries.
The sun is shining brightly
and the snow covered hills look stunning
set against the brilliant blue sky!

Life is Awesome!

Wishing you all the best in 2022 and well beyond!

Health vs. Weight Loss

Cindy and Phil in front of their store

This may not be the best picture of us, but here Phil and I are at 79 and 63 years young, out shoveling snow in front of our store on the farm.

Quite honestly we both enjoy it!
The fresh air and the exercise are most welcome in the winter months.
When I was growing up
the New Year resolution focus
was on losing weight.
I ask, “How is that working for you?”
It never worked for my family.

I am here today to remind you that losing a few pounds would probably be a good thing for most of us.
BUT, the end result
we are all looking to have
is To Be “Healthy”.
i.e. Fully Functioning and Pain Free!!
This is what quality of life looks like.
Don’t you agree?

Long story short.
If you decide to make an effort this year
to reduce your weight,
either a little or a lot,
there is a critical, key piece of info you need
to be successful and achieve the end result you are after.

If you force your body to empty the fat cells of the acids and toxins they have stored,
without creating an Alkaline state in your body first,
you will be playing with fire, so to speak.

Here is why.
Your body put those acids and toxins
in those fat cells because
it didn’t have enough Alkaline mineral “food tools”
to use as Essential Escorts,
for those acids and toxins,
to get them out of your body safely.

In order to keep those nasty guys
out of your blood stream,
your body tucked them away in the fat cells.
unless you have significantly increased your essential Alkaline Mineral intake (escorts),
you are forcing those nasty guys through your
less-than-fully-functioning excretory organs.

This is why many have amazing weight loss
and then in 6 months or less
they have a life-threatening “Dis-Ease” diagnosis,
and often succumb to it.

Get my drift?
So, be sure to Get Alkaline BEFORE
you jump into a weight loss regime.
Be sure that you ARE getting Alkaline in the process.
What does that look like?
Lots of Raw, Organic Fruits and Veggies.

But you can also achieve that with our amazing
Alkaline-rich Alfalfa
and our other high Alkaline products.

We are here to help.
Just call or drop us an email.

My passion is to empower you
to live your best life ever!


We can do this.
2022 is our year!!

Abundance of Health & Happiness to you all!

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