January 2021 – A Little Humor, With A Potent Message!

We have all been waiting for 2020 to be over.

Even though there have been some wonderful benefits
to our blue jewel of a planet.

In our minds it is like we have a fresh start in 2021.

We always have total control over our
“perspective”, on any given situation.

We send you a bounty of joy, abundance and as always,
radiant Health and Happiness
in 2021 and well beyond!

Here’s to a new year of amazing opportunities for us all!!

Never Give Up

I had fun coloring this cartoon for you. It has been in my office for years.

The message always made me smile and helped me to pivot my attitude if I was feeling like giving up.

So are you ready to take it from the top one more time?

To avail yourself to the simple info + perspective, that can have a profound positive impact on your life experience on this glorious planet?

If so, don’t mind me, while I remind you of the obvious.

‘Cause the obvious is overlooked all the time.

I can’t tell you how many times people have come back

to us and said something like,

“Thanks for not giving up,

for telling me over and over again

what it is I need to do

to get the results I really want!”


So here goes.

You are a human being on planet Earth.

Your vehicle on this planet is your body.

Phil calls it your Earthsuit.

You are NOT just a body.

YOU are the life-force/spirit/soul

(or whatever term you prefer)

the “Who”

that looks out from behind your eyes.

If you have ever been to an open-casket funeral,

you are aware that the body/Earthsuit is there,

but no one is “home”.

The “Life Force” that lived in and utilized

that Earthsuit has vacated.


Now if you want to enjoy a long,

healthy, happy life in your Earthsuit,

you must provide it with its basic requirements

so that it is able to maintain a healthy balance

for all of its amazing systems to function.


For example, creating new healthy cells

that are able to continually regenerate

to support your growth and full functioning.


Do you ever consciously digest your food?

Grow hair, skin or nails?

Filter toxins from your blood?

Regulate your heart beat, blood pressure or your breathing?

How about creating the eggs or sperm required to create a completely new, fully-formed human life?



does that all just happen by design


Your ONLY Major Responsibility

is to put quality, nutritious food and water

in your mouth

as FUEL for your amazing Earthsuit

to serve you unerringly

for 7, 8 or more decades?


There are whole communities of people around the globe, including North America,

that enjoy an extremely high percentage

of “Centenarians”,

people who live to be more than 100 years of age!!

Don’t Ever Give Up on Yourself!

You are so, worth it!

It really is a lot easier than you think.

How about starting with “Adding”

something healthy to your lifestyle,

before you choose to

remove things and habits from your life?

Experience how great that can feel.


For example:

*Eat a piece of FRESH Fruit or Veg at each meal.

You can so do that!

There, you have had a success!


*Eat acid-forming animal products less often.

Instead of at 3 meals per day, how about just at 1 or 2?


*Eat 2 meals that are fresh, “healthy” foods

and just one cooked meal per day.


*Have a tasty, nutrient-packed

Motivator/Schmunkie-type meal

1 day per week as a step forward.



Take 2 or 3 Fresh Fruits you like.

(Try to avoid a lot of frozen fruit

because it puts out the digestive burn.)

Example, apple, orange, banana, mango, pear etc.

Wash them and throw them in a blender.

Add a 1/2 to 1cup of Liquid

(Stevia Water, Almond milk etc.)



1/2 to 1 Tablespoon Alfalfa Powder

1/2 to 1 teaspoon Olive Leaf Powder

1/2 Tablespoon Raw Pumpkin Seeds

1/2 Tablespoon Flax or Chia Seeds

Whiz it up for 45-60 seconds

and enjoy as a meal or a snack!

2021 is your year to shine!!


Wishing you many Smiles,

much Laughter,

and an abundance of

Active, Healthy years!

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