Welcome to January 2023!

“Today is the oldest you’ve ever been,

yet the youngest you will ever be,

so enjoy this day while it lasts!”



A New Beginning?

New Choices!


I remember when the year 2000 rolled around, do you?

To think we are 23 years

into this new millennium is quite eye-opening.


As I ponder life, I see in general from our inner perspective,

life has gotten better and better in many ways,

and still there are challenges unfolding outside all around us.

Phil calls it “Shakespeare’s Theatre”,

it’s like watching a play.


I wish all of us on the planet a year filled with

ACCEPTANCE for ourselves and others,

RESPECT for ourselves and others,

APPRECIATION for ourselves and others.


Abundance of Health and Happiness to you this year! 


Do you know what this is?

It is native to Canada.

It was exported to Europe

by the explorer

Samuel de Champlain in the 17th century.


Originally they were called

Canadian Artichokes,

an Italian translation for the word

Girasole, meaning turning toward the sun,

morphed into the name Jerusalem Artichokes,

but we like to refer to them as



The plants grow 10 to 12 feet tall

with these small sunflower-like flowers

way up at the top!


We have been growing these knobby looking tubers,

for the past couple of years.

They kind of look like a cross between

a potato and ginger root.


Phil calls them, “Gotcha’s”

because they tend to spread uncontrollably

and then they gotcha!


We are just waiting for our new

Organic Sunchoke Powder labels

to be approved by our Organic Certifying Body

and then this amazing plant powder

will be available to you!


The Sunchokes are

an excellent source of Natural Inulin.

What is Inulin good for you ask?


** Inulin Promotes Regularity

** Inulin Nourishes the Good Bacteria in your GI Tract.

** Inulin Reduces Blood Glucose levels after a meal.

** Sunchokes are an Excellent Source of Fiber.

 ** They have a Mild, Nutty Flavor,

so our Naturally Dried Organic Sunchoke Powder

can be easily added into your healthy routine.

** Sunchokes are Gluten Free


I have been adding my Organic Sunchoke Powder

to my Schmunkie everyday,

for the last 2 years.

As usual,

we are the ones we test our products on first.

Let’s just say if Happy Pooping is important to you….

this will be such a Gift from Nature for you!!


I will always be grateful for the amazing difference adding our Organic Alfalfa Powder

was for healing all the health issues

I had 20 years ago.

Including GI Tract issues,

which was of course the cause

for so many others issues….

but I digress.


Now with the addition of our

Suede Hills Organic Sunchoke Powder,

I am over-the-top excited

about the ease of daily movements.


Plus all the good bacteria

in my gut are happy too!


Bonus, the Sunchoke’ s high Inulin content

helps to level out the blood glucose levels as well!


If you are interested in accessing our wonderful, Nutritious, Raw, Organic Sunchoke Powder

as soon as it is available,

feel free to drop me an email

With the subject line saying

“Sunchoke Powder”

I will add you to the notification list.


I know the B&B Twins

in Joplin, Missouri are already on the list!


All the best in 2023!


Abundance of Health & Happiness to you all!




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