February 2022 – You Hear Crazy Stuff

Health and Happiness to you
as we enter the month that celebrates Love!!

We can all use a bit more lovin’ in our lives.
Self-love is key.
That means you love yourself enough to pay attention to
feeding yourself healthy foods, get enough sleep,
get some wonderful fresh air in your lungs
take the time to treat yourself to quiet time alone.
Clear your mind and enjoy some uplifting Daydreams!

Life is Awesome,
when you focus on the good stuff!!

You Hear Some Crazy Stuff

Fast Food Burger Experiment
Fast Food Burgers left in the pantry for 2 years, 3 years & 5 years respectively.

So, here is an anecdote for you.
One of the young women who works on our farm was relating a story about an experiment her friend
has been doing for a few years now.

This young man she knows bought
a hamburger from a fast food place.
He has kept it for several years.
It still hasn’t deteriorated!
He has since added to his collection…..

He posts pictures of the burgers once a year.
Refer to the picture above from one of his posts.
The caption on his post said,
“Left in the pantry
for 2 years, 3 years & 5 years respectively.”

You can see the bun and “meat” are intact.
The oldest one on the right still has “cheese” in it!
That is scary!!!
The one on the left looks as though any lettuce is gone, but the fact that there isn’t even mold growing on the bun really makes you wonder
what billions of people have been consuming for decades. Yikes!!

Doesn’t it make you, once again, wonder about
mass marketed food“?

I remember hearing about someone intentionally
leaving a tub of margarine out in the garage, lid off,
and not even the bugs or other critters would eat it.

I have long wondered about “the fake food industry.”
As vegans, it is easy to slip down the same
mass marketed, fake food path.
Just being Vegan does NOT ensure
good health.
It always comes down to
the quality of the food you put in your mouth!!

Get this,
I was approached by a fledgling company
to supply them with our Organic Alfalfa
so they could use it in the making of their version
of fake milk and other fake dairy products.
I suppose the “food science industry”
has really taken off.
((p.s. why would a fake food manufacturer care about “organic” ingredients anyway??
You know why;
At worst so they can say it is or has organic ingredients.
At best, they are sincerely trying to make a quality product. Fake food is never “quality” in my experience.))

Call me old fashioned,
but I prefer to plant a seed and let nature
deliver the amazing nutrient-rich food
my body requires and desires!

Phil and I are constantly adjusting and tweaking
what we eat and where we are sourcing our nutrition.
We always advocate eating whole foods
in their closest to natural state.

For example,
if you are looking for a comfy carb to satisfy,
we would suggest a potato, yam,
or even whole grain rice,
a manufactured pasta, bread or crackers.

As many of you are aware,
we do NOT take any supplements.
That being the case,
we decided we may need
some more Selenium in our diet.

So we purchased some Organic, Raw Brazil Nuts
in order to be ingesting a raw whole food
with the nutrient we are looking to increase.
We only need one nut per day per person.

We get B12 in our Organic Alfalfa,
but it may not be enough as we advance in years.
So we are making a point of adding some
“Hippie Dust”…
i.e. Nutritional Yeast to our meals.

Recently we have been adding it to our Schmunkie.
It will be easy to incorporate on a regular basis
as it has a cheezy taste which
works great in raw veggie dips.
I use Nutritional Yeast
in my Curry Sauce too.

Real Food gives your body a fighting chance
to deliver Real Health to you!

& LOVE Yourself!!

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