February 2020 – Did you know that Diabetes is referred to as a Gateway Disease?

Do you want to know why that is?

In my non-doctor opinion and experience it is due to the fact that if the Pancreas (which is a major ALKALINE producing organ) isn’t functioning properly, then all of the other cells and systems in your body that depend on the Pancreas doing it’s job are HOOPED! That is my politest non-technical term for it.

I work with so many folks day in and day out, who have or have had cancer, often multiple times.

I must tell you that most, if not all of the time, the folks who are dealing with cancer also have diabetes or some other disease, illness, or health issue that they do not recognize as being CONNECTED to the ultimate diagnosis of cancer in their body.

In my opinion, each health issue large or small, is pointing to an imbalance in the body. That imbalance is often the pH level otherwise known as the acid/alkaline level of the body.

Let’s connect the dots.

A symptom or diagnosis of a health issue in your body is exactly the same as when one of the red warning lights on the dashboard of your car comes on. The symptom is the WARNING that something is systemically wrong!

For example, if the oil light comes on in your car, and you choose to ignore it, one or two things will happen. You will drive your car for a while longer with the light on, but ultimately, if you don’t remedy/repair/fix/heal what the light is warning you of the engine will seize up and your car engine is done! Same for you!

If one chooses to ignore the first “warning” symptom/dis-ease (or mask it with a “band-aid” of sorts) your body will create yet ANOTHER symptom/dis-ease to try to get your attention. And if one still doesn’t pay attention, it will create yet another “warning” symptom/dis-ease, etc. etc. etc. You see the pattern here? (The body is systematically becoming more and more toxic)

Eventually the body can’t function anymore because there was no resolve nor did one get to The ROOT that caused the very first built-in warning/safety mechanism to be triggered, felt or noticed in ones body.

When will people take their heads out of the sand and listen to their body? NOT the media, but listen to YOUR BODY.

You know the definition of insanity, right? The definition of insanity is: Doing the SAME THINGS, but EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS!

We can NOT ignore the Warning Symptoms in our body. I venture to say most of us know all of the things we do to ourselves that we are aware are NOT good for us.

Everything you put in your body is exactly, specifically & literally what you are made of!!! Food IS Fuel.


I know that you have all heard that before. But it is true! So if coffee and a doughnut/energy bar is your usual breakfast then don’t be surprised that your joints ache and brain-fog is your normal state of being. Having energy, being pain-free or thinking clearly are absolutely out of the question.

Back to the original question, Why don’t they tell us?

“They” actually do tell us, BUT NOT as OFTEN or as LOUD or as CRAFTILY as they tell us, How great this or that tastes, or imply how much fun you will have, or that this is what the “IN” crowd are doing, etc. etc.

The sad thing is that when the body is so overburdened with the continual attack of packaged, processed, fast and acidic foods, the basic human cognitive abilities are functioning at a very low ebb. Thus, people just aren’t able to hear and receive the truth in what is being said.

My hope for all people is to have: Eyes to See The Truth Ears to Hear The Truth And Clarity of Mind to Recognize The Truth when it crosses your path…..

(FYI~ The Truth is ALWAYS right in front of you you just have to be open to it!!)

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