December 2021 – Comfort From The Inside Out

2021 In Review

It has been an extremely wild ride in our area!
(Besides all the global issues at hand)
First the extreme heat, smoke and wildfires of this summer.
Now we have had unprecedented flooding
which took out our two major highways in B.C.,
as well as several smaller ones.
Lives were lost.
Highway 8 has been completely consumed by the river!
It no longer exists.
Whole towns evacuated because they were completely flooded!

A big “Thank You!”
to all who emailed, phoned or contacted us
to make sure we were okay.

There have been obvious postal transportation delays
regarding the orders you wonderful folks have placed.
Canada Post is doing their best.
We appreciate your patience & understanding.

In the big picture, the people of BC will see this through
and be the better for it.

Humanity in general is amazing!
When disaster happens, people pull together.

I look forward to a world where people pull together
without a drama or a trauma….
I believe I will see this in my lifetime!!

Stay Alkaline and Stay Awesome!

Comfort From the Inside Out

Comfort From the Inside Out

How often have you stopped to
Savor the Moment?

One of life’s simple pleasures is
to hold a warm cup of your favorite beverage
while you take a few moments to simply
“Enjoy Yourself.”

You know, like that first cup
of tea or coffee in the morning.
It is like a little ritual that says,
“This is comfortable for me. I like this.
I deserve this, I am worth this.”

Phil and I have really enjoyed
taking that little bit of time
to enjoy a cup of caffeine-free tea each morning.
The warmth of the mug feels so good on our hands.

It is even more enjoyable knowing that we are putting something of benefit into our body as well.

Here at Suede Hills we grow/blend
5 different kinds of herbal tea bag packages.
Each has a unique flavor and many health benefits.

The key ingredient in ALL of our Herbal Teas
is our Organic Stevia Bark.
On its own it tastes similar to Chamomile.
It has a hint of sweetness to it, and the benefits are many:
**It has been known to Dissolve Toxins such as
Nicotine, Dioxin and Histamine.
**It contains Beta-Carotene, Vitamins E & C,
Potassium, Magnesium and Zinc.
**It is a super Antioxidant, Detoxifier, Anti-Stress,
Anti-Arthritic, Improves Digestion,
** Soothes an Upset Stomach
These are a few reasons to enjoy our herbal Teas.

Our Organic Chocolate Mint Tea,
tastes like Peppermint.
No actual chocolate is involved,
it is the name of the plant.
This is a great one as an after dinner treat.
Known to aid with Respiratory Disorders,
Inflammation, Headaches,
Stomach Cramps and is Anti-Viral.

The next one is our personal favorite,
Organic Olive Leaf Tea.
Tastes like a cross between Green & Black Teas.
It is the most “Tea-like” for taste.
Known to strengthen the Immune System.
It has Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral Properties.
Known as a Yeast Inhibitor & Destroyer.
Helps Lower Cholesterol & High BP.
Fights Common Cold & Flu Bugs,
from our experience.

Our Organic Alfalfa Leaf Tea
tastes “Green”
because of its high Chlorophyll content.
It is considered highly versatile
due to its High Nutritional Content.
Known for its benefit to Arthritis suffers,
Rich in Alkaline minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus & Potassium.
Known to Purify the Blood, Natural Diuretic,
Detoxify the Urinary Tract including the Liver
& the Intestinal Tract.

Last but not least is our
Organic Spearmint Tea.
It has a potent Spearmint flavor.
A wonderful after dinner treat.
Known to relieve pain from Gas & Bloating.
Treats Heartburn, Relaxes & Calms Nerves,
Treats Indigestion, Clears Sinuses,
Freshens Bad Breath,
Relieves Cramps.

 We also made it easy for you.
We have a
5 Variety Tea Package
which gives you 6 Tea Bags of each kind.

Try them all & find your favorite!!

Our Tea Packages make
excellent Alkaline Gifts
for the holidays too!!

2021 is your year to shine!!

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