December 2020 – How Young Do You FEEL?

We still find being outdoors a big draw these days,

even if the sun doesn’t make its appearance

until about 8:30 in the morning.

There is nothing quite like a warm fire inside the house

and the cool fresh air and sunshine outside!

This holiday season we wish you and your family

the best of health,

and wonderful memories to enjoy for years to come!


How Young Do You FEEL?

How old do you feel

Seems most of us don’t really give aging

a thought until it is well upon us and very evident.

Did you know that it has been scientifically proven

that there really is no reason

for our cells to stop reproducing new healthy cells?

Except for one very important fact….

That fact is,

the Fuel/food, drink, etc. that we put in our


“Human Body”

is more often than not,

NOT what the body needs to thrive?


The picture above is my husband Phil,

(78 years young in January 2021)

Dressed for trimming Olive trees with those huge thorns!

Here he is the other day riding his bike

between our two properties.

I think he went over to feed & give scritches

to the feral cat, Buddy.


I bring this up to point out that even though Phil’s body

may be completing its 78th year in January,

he is still full of life and vitality.

Phil works splitting wood, trimming trees ,

crawling on his hands and knees with me

and the staff planting and harvesting.

He fixes buildings, repairs our vehicles, tractors etc.

Never a dull moment for a farmer!


Did you happen to notice the road

going up the hill behind him?

Well, we walk that 12% grade hill often.


His secret?

He decided a long time ago, before we ever met,

he was going to live a

LONG, Healthy and Happy Life!

He researched what it was going to take

to accomplish that.

(That ‘s where his recipe,

Phil’s Ultimate Breakfast with a Schmunkie,

for long healthy life came from)


That is what he has been eating and

how he has been living his life

to one degree or another for decades.

But it took a Decision, Research and a Plan of Action. IT’S CALLED LIVING ON PURPOSE!!


We encourage you to do that too.

We have done all the work for you.

Quality organic nutrient-rich food, recipes,

and decades of experience to freely share with you.

All you have to do is



We are sure that after this bizarre yet amazing year,

you must have figured out that

Health is Wealth!


Most of us have a better perspective

on what really matters to us,

and if your health didn’t come up as #1,

let me remind you that any other priority in your life depends on your health and well being

to enjoy that other priority.


So, How Young Do You Feel?

I dare you to DECIDE and DO better for yourself!!


We are here to help you right NOW,

in 2021 & Beyond!

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