December 2019 – Can Plants really heal us?

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Can Plants really Heal us??

That is a bit of a loaded question. What we need to do is start by unraveling the question.

If we start with the premise that the human body IS “designed” to heal itself, we can better ask if plants can or do play a significant part in human health and well being.

We all know from first hand experience that your body certainly does heal itself. Any kid that has had a scraped knee can attest to that!

It is simply amazing to watch as the body first stops the loss of blood, creates a scab and then begins the repair/healing process from the inside out! It is astonishing if you take the time to ponder just how magnificent the human body truly is!!

Back to the part about the plants. Just a quick reminder here, many pharmaceutical drugs are “knock-offs” from the plant kingdom, aspirin for example was originally derived from willow trees.

Can Plants really Heal us

The deal with using plants, (quality grown; meaning grown in clean, mineral-rich soil) is that they have positive, health-promoting “Side-Benefits” that science is only beginning to understand, rather than, the negative “side-effects” which man-made/manufactured products are notorious for.

I qualify the above statement about “quality grown” because so much of the plant material we have access to has been grown in chemicals, sprayed with chemicals and preserved with chemicals.

So back to the opening question. The nutrients in clean, properly grown and handled plant products, are in what are know as being in an “angstrom size molecule”.

What does that mean to you?

It means that if the reason you are consuming the plant material is for the nutritional benefits, then you will want the nutrients to be raw and of a size that can be easily absorbed/utilized by the cells of your body.

Plants facilitate the transfer of nutrients from the soil and the sun into a form that the human body can thrive on.

Plants such as our organic Alfalfa which have extremely deep roots systems are especially beneficial since the roots are tapping virgin nutrients that haven’t seen the light of day for millennia.

So the ultimate answer is YES, plants can help our body to heal by providing the basic nutrients/building blocks for repair and rejuvenation at a cellular level.

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