August 2022 – It Works Every Time!

“The real measure of our wealth is how much we would be worth if we lost all our money.”
– Benjamin Jowett 1817-1893, English Scholar”

It has been extremely hot here, 44 degrees Celsius (111 F)
So today when the rains came it was quite refreshing.
All the plants love the heat and appreciate the rains too.
Enjoy the weather as it is….soon it will change!

The Kamloops Farmers’ Market

You will find us there
Saturdays from 8:30a.m. to 12:30p.m.
at 3rd and St. Paul
in Kamloops B.C.

It Works Every Time!

What do you value?

When we work in harmony with the original design,
it works every time!!

Very recently I had a woman share her experience
using our Suede Hills products,
the Organic Olive Leaf Powder in particular.

Organic Olive Leaf Powder

This woman told me she had had 5 warts on her hand.
She made a concerted effort to be diligent
at using our wonderful organic plant products.
Within a short period of time the warts went away. Now years later, she joyfully shares
that the warts have never returned!

Here is the simple truth as simply as I can put it.

The human body was designed for
the nutrients of the Earth environment
to be consumed in order to supply
the dynamic systems of the human body.
Thus, supplying the basic “raw ingredients/food tools”
from which the body could easily dismantle
the perfect combination of nutrients provided.
Then the body, via digestion would break them down into a “nutrition bank” of sorts
from which the body could draw upon
in order to supply whatever specific nutrient
or part thereof that it required at any given time.

 The situation in today’s world is that
most if not ALL of the so-called foods provided
in our grocery stores are VOID
of these essential nutrients of the Earth
because they have been
chemicalized, synthesized, or altered in some way.
Even if we do access “real food”
like from a local organic farmer,
we carelessly cook it to death!!
Thus, ensuring that whatever wonderful nutrition
that food had for our body is rendered utterly useless.
We may think it tastes better cooked,
but the reason we eat is to nourish our body.
Satisfying our taste buds is secondary
but still very much available
as we learn to connect with real raw food once again.
Aim for 80% raw plant food
and only 20% cooked food at first.

No matter how good the marketing campaign is
regarding any or all products made available in the stores,
the bottom line is the human body does NOT
nor ever will buy into that B.S..

The body requires what it requires!!

Lie to yourself all you want;
the body unerringly will not deviate from its original design!

The majority of humanity
is experiencing all manner of sickness and disease.
Though there are exceptions.
Seems that in the places where
people live simple lives and eat simple foods,
they have the best health,
quality of life and longevity.

It is not too much of a stretch to say that,
“We decide our own fate by what is on the end of our fork!!”
Better yet by the ingredients in our Schmunkie!!

Suede Hills products ARE raw life force from the Earth.
We grow, naturally dry and grind them
in a way that they are still classed as raw food,
because the beneficial nutrients and enzymes
are still there, intact.
These powders will and DO sustain life force
in the human body
because they ARE raw life force from the Earth,
naturally dried and powdered
in order to share them with you year round.

Our personal experience,
as well as hundreds of testimonies
from folks like you
tell us is that,
when we work in harmony with
the requirements/original design
of the human body
we are blessed with abundant and vibrant health!

It works every time!!

The ball is in your court!

Health and Happiness to you always!

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