April 2022 – A Plant Grows From the Seed Within

It is easy to tell it is spring around here.

In less than 24 hours
we had night temps below freezing,
daytime temps at 18 degrees Celsius (68F),
an 80km (50 mile per hour) wind storm which
totally destroyed a good sized plastic outbuilding
and driving-rain like you would find on the coast!!
Never a dull moment on the farm….

The Kamloops Farmers’ Market starts this month on the 23rd.
We look forward to seeing all the “locals” there.

Enjoy each day & you will enjoy your week,
your month, your year and your lifetime!

So, why didn’t it work for him?

Why Do You Eat

We have been on a journey of finding the most natural way to nourish our body
for optimal health and longevity.

Phil is now 79 years young.
We have started into our 14th year as vegans.
He feels amazing, full of energy.
He still puts in a full day of physical work on the farm!
And he eats his Schmunkie everyday!!

Turns out that recently on a required physical
for his commercial drivers license,
that the doc says she has some “concerns.”

FYI there is nothing to worry about, Phil is healthy.
I just wanted to share from first hand experience
how people are led down the path
of pharmaceutical dependence,
when all they really need is some awareness
about what they are eating.

**First she says he has too much Potassium.
That was easy to resolve, eat fewer bananas.

**Then she says he doesn’t have enough B12
most people get their B12, (which is a bacteria)
from the animal products they eat.
Vegans & Vegetarians are often low
(according to the medical system).
Long story short,
we increased our Nutritional Yeast intake,
which has B12 in it.
OUR mistake was we thought that B12
was a natural occurring part of the Nutritional Yeast.
It is a manufactured supplement that they add to the Nutritional Yeast
No wonder Phil’s body didn’t absorb any of it!!!
We are on to Plan B now
and will let you know the results
once we do a 3 week test with it.

**Then the doc says,
“Looks like you have an under active Thyroid,
I think you may have Hashimoto’s Disease.
You need meds immediately!”

We say, give us a month to try to fix it on our own.
Low and behold,
1 month later Phil does another blood test and
she can’t figure out what happened,
but now it appears
Phil does NOT have any Thyroid issues at all!!!
Flipping Amazing!
Guess what we did?
First we did a bunch of research and found out that cruciferous veggies like,
broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, turnip etc.
have a negative effect on the Thyroid.

So we gave up eating those cruciferous veggies!
Bingo! No more Thyroid issues!
AND No Meds!!!

**One last issue she says is the biggest,
“Your blood pressure is too high. You need to go on 2 meds immediately.”

Phil cut out all the salt, but honestly,
the Pink Himalayan Salt we use is good for you,
the body needs this real mineral rich salt…..
BUT, it was the Vegan junk food like
store bought popcorn, and extruded veggie stix etc.
that were the culprit in my humble opinion.

As well, Phil did some additional research and
has been experimenting with taking
a Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar
with some Green Stevia Sweet Water
in a cup of hot water twice per day.

All we can say is,
his blood pressure is now in the normal range!!
Once again, NO Meds!

I hope this personal experience we share
empowers you
to take charge of your health.
Just by making a few simple changes
Phil averted taking at least 3 meds,
and the negative side-effects from those meds.

YOU have the power to Be Well without meds.
It is 99.9% lifestyle.

Chances are you aren’t planning on being
a vegan/plant-based like us.
But it has been the most positive change we ever made
for our overall health and well being!

The next best thing for our well being was
getting rid of the TV, 25 years ago!!

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