April 2021 – The World Is Beginning To Catch On!

Happy Spring!

We made an amazing new discovery this last week.

We noticed for years that the bees start “working”

our cedar hedge long before

it seems there is anything there for them to feed on.

Phil took a closer look

and found that at the tips of the greenery

there are tiny little pink flowers!!

Who would have guessed?

Kind of makes you wonder

what else one is missing that is in plain sight?

Tiny flowers on the Cedar trees


The World Is Beginning To Catch On!

I was so pleasantly surprised to find out that
it is NOT my imagination,
but the global community IS finally
beginning to see the light!
What I am referring to is an article
I recently read about the
Hayek Hospital in a suburb of Beirut, Lebanon
which is the first hospital in the world
to adopt a Completely Vegan Menu!

In their social media post
they described the decision as a
“Moral Responsibility”
to their patients.
Beyond pointing out the studies showing the
negative impact of animal-based foods,
they sited the positive health benefits
of a plant-based diet,
which has been shown to
Reduce the Risk of
Heart Disease, Diabetes and certain Cancers.

It is not surprising that this is a
family-owned, private hospital.
Unlike the typical North American,
pharma-driven hospitals we have all grown up with.

But there is hope!
For our American friends,
please note that
New York and California have enacted laws
requiring hospitals to offer a
plant-based option for every meal.

The American Medical Association
and similarly,
the American College of Cardiology
have called on hospitals to provide
healthful, plant-based meals
to promote better health in
patients, staff and visitors.

Hopefully Canada will follow suit.
(But if you choose a plant-based lifestyle NOW,
chances are you would rarely require their services!!!)

If you wonder “why” I keep going on
about a Vegan/ Plant-based way of eating.
Simply stated,
ALL Animal Products and By-Products
that you consume
ARE acid-forming!!!

It is the acidic residue left in your body
from animal products
that attribute to the overwhelming majority
of sickness and disease.
These diseases in part are what the medical system is referring to when you hear about
“Lifestyle Diseases.”

That means that what you are choosing
to put in your body as part of your lifestyle
is a key contributor to
the health problems
you are experiencing!!!

We have a choice
each time we open our mouths to eat.
We can choose the same old same old
and get the same old negative health results.
We can expend a little effort
to do ourselves and our loved ones a favor.
Choose foods that have a more positive impact
on our overall health and well-being.
That isn’t even getting into
the whole quality of life aspect of this.

You CAN do this!

As stated in last months newsletter…
Many Heart-Surgeons are Vegan too!
Because they can not deny the data.

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