April 2020 – How Stress Affects the Immune System

WOW!! What an amazing time to be alive!!

Has there ever been a time where the ENTIRE World isco-operating & inconveniencing themselves in order to help themselves AND fellow human beings?

From our perspective, we see this is a Blessing in Disguise!

Our Hope is that the Global Population will have an Awakening to the REALITY that We ALL Breathe the Same Air & Drink the Same Water & Receive Our Food from the Warmth of the Same Sun!!

Together we are Strong.
are our Natural States of Being.
NOW we have a Chance to truly Re-evaluate Our Priorities
and Choose to Live the Life We Came Here to Experience!!

We encourage you to find and focus on the little things that bring you true joy.

How Stress Affects the Immune System

The majority of you reading this newsletter will already be aware of the amazing natural infection fighting and immune boosting qualities of our Organic Olive Leaf Powder.

Staying Alkaline with naturally alkaline foods such as our Organic Alfalfa Powder is also a key component.

Thus creating an environment in your body where it can Heal Itself as it was designed to do.

Below is a very short 3 minute video by Dr. Bruce Lipton. I encourage you to watch and listen, Be Cool, Chill Out as he explains how Stress Affects your Immune System.

Knowledge is power.


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