Pepe Puegeot

Pepe Puegeot is an uplifting children's book written by Cindy Levington.

This book provides a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to read and bond together. Within the text are great lessons to be learned about being unique and finding one's niche in the world.

Pepe Puegeot is an excellent tool for learning about and encouraging the building of self-confidence in the face of adversity. It is a personalized and real story about Cindy's husband, Phil, and his adventures in Costa Rica, written in easy to understand language with adorable cartoon pictures.

Pepe Puegot


Pepe Puegeot is a little car in Costa Rica that wanted to be a larger vehicle so that he too would be rented by visitors and therefore have purpose.

As it stood, no one wanted to rent him because they did not believe he could handle the rough roads and terrain that made up Costa Rica. Eventually, Phil came along and rented Pepe, including him in his adventures around the country.

Pepe did struggle with some of the steeper terrain; however, he was successful, which allowed him to feel a sense of pride in himself. After his month of adventures with Phil, Pepe was returned to the lot and sold to someone in the city who would be happy to drive him around regularly.

Throughout these experiences, the little car learns to accept himself as a small car and realize that his size only changed his purpose in life rather than negating it.

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