Acid/Alkaline Food List

A balanced diet is comprised of 80% alkaline forming and 20% acid forming foods.

*NOTE: For people who are endeavouring to re-alkalize their body, we suggest a 90%-100% diet of alkaline forming foods.

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  • Foods that taste acidic generally leave an alkaline residue at the end of the digestive process.

  • Foods such as meats, dairy, and sugar do not have an acidic taste, but they deposit the most acid at the end of the digestive process.

It is the job of alkaline minerals to neutralize these acid residues for the cells to remain healthy. The cells and the fluid that surround the cells, must be of an alkaline pH in order for the antioxidants to be effective against free radicals.


Download a printable copy of the Alkaline foods list here:

Alkaline 1

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