Suede Hills Frequently Asked Questions

~Where are you located, and what time zone are you in?

We are in the Pacific Time Zone. Located in a place called Walhachin, in the province of British Columbia (B.C.) Canada

(Note**Our mail ships from the little town of Savona)

If you are visiting our area, please call 1-877-682-1188 for exact directions.

~ What are your business hours?

**Suede Hills on-farm store is open Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call ahead, 1-877-682-1188, to make special arrangements outside of these times.

**Phone orders, 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday to Friday. Weekends by appointment, as we are available.

**ONLINE anytime at

~Do you have a toll free number for Canada and/or the USA?

YES!! Our toll free number, is valid throughout all of Canada, & the U.S.A. including Hawaii & Alaska!

1-877-682-1188 TOLL FREE  for local calls 250-682-1188

~Can I leave a phone message?

If the phone line is busy, or if we are unable to take your call right away, PLEASE leave a brief message INCLUDING your telephone number. Our toll free number does NOT allow us to see your phone number. We will get back to you as soon as we are able.

~Is your pricing in Canadian or US $?

All prices on our website are in Canadian dollars. If you are using a U.S.A. credit card, you will be charged in Canadian dollars and then your credit card company will do the currency conversion to U.S. dollars.

NOTE** for our Canadian customers ordering ONLINE, your confirmation email will say your order is in U.S. dollars. WE ASSURE YOU THIS IS NOT THE CASE!

If you are using a Canadian credit card your transaction will process in Canadian funds. (Unfortunately we have been unable to get our U.S. based e-commerce facilitator to correct this situation for the past several years).

NOTE** for our USA customers ordering ONLINE, your confirmation email will say the total is in US $, but when the transaction processes on your credit card, your credit card company will do the currency conversion.

At the time of this writing the US $ is approximately 20-25% stronger than the Canadian $, therefore you should see a nice reduction on the amount charged to your credit card. The currency exchange rate is totally up to your bank credit card company and has NOTHING to do with us. This dollar exchange rate can and will fluctuate without notice.

~How do you ship my order?

We ship via Canada Post only. **Exception to the rule is if there is a postal interruption. When you order Monday to Friday before 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time, your order usually ships the same day. Otherwise your order ships the next business day.

*Orders in B.C. are usually received by you in two business days.

*Orders shipping to the U.S.A. are sent Air Mail and this usually takes 7 to 14 business days. These orders ship via Canada Post, they must clear U.S. customs and then be delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.

There is NO tracking to U.S. addresses for small packets unless you call us to place your order, and arrange to pay for the extra shipping fees for which Canada Post offers a tracking number.

~ Where do you get your protein?

Our raw, organic alfalfa powder has MORE protein than beef! Cows do NOT eat cows, unless of course man feeds it to them! (thus mad cow disease). Cows left to their own, eat alfalfa and grasses. Cows have large bones, muscles and teeth. They do not lack protein and neither will you.

Phil & Cindy have been vegans for more than eight years at the time of this writing and they are both enjoying healthy, active, pain-free bodies! Cindy has gone through menopause with a breeze and has no need to take any type of artificial calcium supplement either.

Suede Hills organic alfalfa powder has them both covered with its plethora of nutrients.

~ What do you think of other greens vs. alfalfa?

What makes mature alfalfa leaf powder, such as Suede Hills grow, so unique and powerful is that the roots have the ability to go to 100 feet deep and mine all that virgin alkaline soil, full of nutrition that other plants can not even get to!

Shallow rooted greens depend on external fertilizers for their nutrient support. Unfortunately, most greens available to the mass market, are grown in mineral deficient soil. Thus they lack a major nutritional and alkalizing component.

When you consume quality grown mature alfalfa leaf powder, like that grown at Suede Hills, your body is receiving a full compliment of nutrients in their natural form, and in a size known as angstrom size, which is tiny enough to penetrate the cell walls and be of most benefit.

~What is the difference between your alfalfa powder and others?

*Our plants have been growing in our naturally alkaline soil, watered with our naturally alkaline well water, minus any chemicals, for over 14 years!

That means the roots have had the opportunity to go deep and bring up all that wonderful nutrition into the mature leaves for us to consume and reap great benefit from. We also hand harvest small areas of our alfalfa field at a time, and place the fresh cut alfalfa in our greenhouses to dry naturally.

This ensures that we dry as nature does without cooking the nutrients out of the leaves.

*It has come to our attention that many of the “greens products” on the store shelves list alfalfa powder as one of their ingredients. We also are aware that alfalfa is being grown in chemical troughs in greenhouses, then harvested after a few weeks, heat dried, ground up and added to these “combination” products. If the alfalfa plant has not been grown in quality soil, actually connected to the earth and all of her benefits, there is little value to the product in our opinion.

*The best way to find out the difference between our raw, organic, mature alfalfa leaf powder and any other “greens product” is to try Suede Hills organic alfalfa powder or our organic alfalfa powder in veggie caps for one month, while setting aside your previous brand and let your body show you the vast difference between the two.

~Is it true that people with Lupus or other auto immune disorders are not supposed to consume alfalfa?

*If you are careful in your research, “they” are referring to alfalfa sprouts! The sprouts have a toxin on the outside of the seed that remains after sprouting. This apparently can be detrimental to folks diagnosed with Lupus.

*On the other hand, we have had many folks with Lupus and other auto immune disorders who thrive on our mature organic alfalfa leaf powder.

The mature leaf has the quality nutrition, natural detox ability, and inflammation busting tendencies that has been of great benefit to those who consistently consume Suede Hills organic mature alfalfa leaf powder as part of their healthy lifestyle.

~What is your opinion about blue-green algae, chlorella and spirulina?

*Our personal opinion is that we don’t believe that pond scum is designed for human consumption. From our research, the purpose of algae is to clean stagnant water.

We could never figure out why anyone would want to eat the “water filter” full of toxins. From what we could gather, the most benefit one could receive is from the chlorophyll, which is easy to get from any green plant, and that without the potential of the toxins.

*Even the algae’s that are grown in glass tubes, or in vast ponds in tropical climates, would be suspect in our opinion, because we would question, what “they” are “feeding” the algae, and is it of benefit to you too?

~ Do I need to continue taking probiotics once I get and maintain an alkaline body?

*In our opinion, the reason you needed the probiotics in the first place was due to the fact that your system was so acidic, it was killing off the good guys.

Phil and Cindy have never taken probiotics, but the feedback from their customers say that once they get and stay alkaline on a consistent level, they no longer need probiotics because their system functions normally again.

~What is the difference between your olive leaf powder and the olive leaf extract I bought in the health-food store?

*The simple answer is, our organic olive leaf is just that, the ground whole, naturally dried leaf. As for any “extract”, we believe the word is self explanatory.

The manufacturer has “extracted” only a part of the benefits the whole leaf has to offer, then adds fillers. When the manufacturer creates a product from an extract, they must quantify how much is contained in the product and they must also tell you about the fillers they have added.

Mother Nature has no such explaining to do.

~ Why do the products in the stores have nutritional labels and yours do not?

*We have neither added anything to our products nor taken anything away. Our organic Alfalfa, Olive Leaf and Green Stevia powders are simply the whole, naturally dried leaf ground to a fine powder. This also applies to our Chocolate Mint and Spearmint leaves, used to create our fabulous caffeine-free herbal teas.

There is nothing to quantify or qualify, our whole leaf powders are as nature intended. The natural drying process ensures the most wholesome way to preserve these precious leaves for year round consumption.

Do bananas, kale leaves, avocadoes etc. have nutritional labels on them?

~What is pH?

*pH stands for potential of Hydrogen.

In simple terms it is referring to how oxygenated and hydrated the cells of your body are. These are key factors in their function in the human body.

Acidic cells are dysfunctional and are degenerating, creating the perfect environment for sickness and dis-ease in the body.

Alkaline cells are able to fulfill their job and regenerate, thus creating new healthy life in your body.

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. Zero being the most acidic and 14 being the highest alkaline.

We believe that a reading of 7.4 pH or more is the reading you are seeking for optimum health. We suggest testing the third pee of the morning to give you the most accurate reading of the state of your body.

We believe the first pee is dumping the acids from the previous nights repair work, the second pee has the residue and that the third pee is letting you know what is left after your body got rid of all it had the ability to dispose of.

~Why don’t we just check our saliva for our pH level?

*In our opinion, the saliva is only going to give you the reading of the last thing you ate. Feel free to check the third pee of the morning and then take another pH test strip and check your saliva to see if they give you the same reading.

~Why does the medical system check the pH of your blood and not your urine/pee?

*The pH of the blood can only vary a tiny bit, from 7.35 to 7.45, to our understanding. We check the urine/pee because in our opinion, it is a precursor indicator of the state of your body.

Knowing that you are too acidic via your pee gives you the opportunity to make changes before it becomes a serious health issue. We feel checking the pee is a pro-active way to empower yourself to better health.

Knowledge is power.

~Is it possible to be too alkaline?

*The potential is there, but highly unlikely for anyone living in North America in our opinion. Most of the so-called food we buy is void of real minerals and other natural nutrition that keeps the body alkaline.

From our perspective we don’t believe it is possible to grow so-called food in chemicals and have them be of any real value to the human body. In our opinion, the manufactured supplements are as void of usable nutrients and many are made from petrochemicals or GMO’d products.

Phil personally keeps his pH at approximately 8.5 and this has been verified via the medical system with his twice yearly physical exams. (He is over 70 years young and has a commercial drivers license to maintain and a pilot’s license to keep current as well, both require regular full physicals)

~Are your products safe for pregnant women or nursing mothers?

*As noted above, we are NOT doctors.

Our products are food with benefits, so the general answer would be, in our opinion, our products are safe for both pregnant and nursing women,

anyone, young or old, male or female.

Alfalfa is nutrient-rich and therefore of great benefit to mom and baby, plus, alfalfa is known to increase breast milk, that is one reason they feed it to cows.

Olive leaf powder builds the immune system and fights infection. Green Stevia leaf powder is a natural sweetener with benefits. pH Happy Caps is a mineral blend that gives your body tools to repair with at night.

All of which, in our opinion, are beneficial attributes to the human body.

~What is the difference between white stevia extract or liquid and your green stevia powder?

*Number one, we actually grow our organic green stevia plants, harvest, naturally dry and grind the “green leaves” into powder.

Exactly how manufacturers take a green plant and vastly alter it to a white powder or clear liquid is beyond our exact knowing.

We find it highly suspect and would have to assume there is some sort of chemical processing or bleaching taking place.

Please note, it is always in your best interest to read any ingredients list that may be provided. We have found that even though the box of white stevia extract packets says “organic stevia” on it, the ingredients list has had stevia extract as the last ingredient and whatever filler they had used was the majority ingredient that some how qualified it as organic, not that the stevia itself was organic.

~Can I take your products while on medication?

*Big question! We are NOT doctors nor pharmacists.

We can share that a few years ago Phil had a stent put in one of his heart vessels, and was “required” to take their medications for one year so the body wouldn’t reject the stent.

He continued to use our organic alfalfa, olive leaf, green stevia and pH Happy Caps the entire time, and as a note, he had his meds quickly reduced and some eliminated over the course of one year because he was doing extremely well and did not require the meds!

GET ALKALINE=GET WELL from our experience!

*Note, alfalfa is also known to be a natural blood thinner, but not in the way a drug would be.

Many of our customers, including Phil consumed Suede Hills alfalfa while on the blood thinner drugs. Phil just made sure the doctors monitored him and reduced the drugs while maintaining his alfalfa consumption. Thus he benefited from the reduction of the drugs and still received the natural blood thinning benefits without the drugs negative side effects.

Alfalfa is also known to be a natural diuretic.

*Note, the olive leaf tends to be a natural vasodilator, meaning it relaxes the blood vessels. Thus it has proved to be beneficial for many of our customers taking blood pressure meds to help them ween themselves off the meds.

Please note, we have received many testimonies from our customers telling us that when they got their body alkaline and maintained an alkaline body, the high blood pressure issues simply disappeared.

Olive leaf has been known to be a natural diuretic as well.

Most people come to us when they have already decided they do not want to take meds anymore, yet there are also many who are in transition and simply moving in that direction.

Every-body is different.

Your life, your body, your choice.

Our opinion is that of Hippocrates, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”

It is our understanding that most if not all meds leave an acidic residue in the body.

~Have people lost weight using any of your products?

*Yes. Though we prefer to think of the overall health benefits they are reaping, and not just the release of excess weight as an indicator of health or benefit.

To explain briefly, the body must deal with any acidic residue left by the consumption of food, drink, meds etc. One way the body can do this is by taking that toxin/acid and storing it out of the way in a fat cell. That keeps the toxin/acid out of the blood, thus it does not affect the pH of the blood negatively, initially, in our opinion.

Please note that the body requires a mineral escort to take out a toxin/acid. Which explains why we need to be consuming mineral-rich foods such as Suede Hills organic alfalfa powder. It has also proven beneficial via our customer testimonies, that our pH Happy Caps also result in a more alkaline environment for the body.

So as you empower the body with more usable alkaline minerals, the more toxins/acids the body can attach to and escort out of the fat cells and out of the body.

It just makes sense that the result is a reduction in weight and toxicity.

**NOTE, it is our personal opinion that a person’s overall health be the main focus and weight loss as secondary.

We encourage folks to always be getting alkaline at the same time if they are on a weight loss program, otherwise in our opinion you will be dumping too many acids into a compromised excretory system and creating new, more serious, health issues.

~Will any of your alkalizing products help with my sex life?

*Another big question! Simple answer, YES!

As your body becomes more alkaline, the more “normal” function of the cells occurs. We have had testimony time and again from young and older about the increase in their libido AND in their ability to preform.

This applies to both men and women. When the body is acidic, the sex drive and function are two of the first areas to be abandoned.

For the men we have put together the “HIS” Male Enhancement Package, and for the ladies we suggest our Longevity Blend along with pH Happy Caps.

~Have you heard any positive feedback, testimonies or experiences from your customers about relief from Gout using any of your products?

*YES. The one we hear the most often is that pH Happy Caps have made Gout gone!

It is also worth noting that most of these folks didn’t even try to change their diet and the cause of their gout, they just wanted something to stop the pain.

Supplying the body, the mineral blend present in the pH Happy Caps was enough to bring them relief. We suggest long term to reduce or eliminate those foods known to create uric acid in the first place.

~What has been the most effective product to bring relief to arthritis sufferers that have come to you looking for a natural solution?

*Organic mature alfalfa leaf has been the greatest benefit for those using only one of our alkalizing products.

Most often when folks come to us they desire whole body health, so they generally go for our Totally Awesome Trio, our organic alfalfa & olive leaf powders with the pH Happy Caps.

~Have any of your products helped people with cancer?

*YES and NO, so much depends on the state of people’s mindset and the stage of their situation, in our opinion and from our experience.

We have had many folks decide to get on the alkaline path in order to empower their body to heal itself. These folks usually enjoy benefits in varying degrees. Most come to us already believing that cancer can’t live in an alkaline environment.

We have been told often that their journey has improved once they focused on an alkaline lifestyle, most often that includes one or more of our alkaline products.

There have been triumphs, but as you can understand, many are uneasy about sharing openly because of any possible backlash from the medical system.

The best way to avoid a diagnosis of cancer, in our opinion, is to stay alkaline, empower your body with real quality, alkalizing nutrition BEFORE there is an issue! The cells of your body are changing regularly. Give the body better food tools and you will reap the reward of a more vital, healthy body and quality of life!

~What has helped others who suffer from constipation, that came to you?

*Getting enough minerals in their body/getting alkaline, via our organic alfalfa powder and or the pH Happy Caps.

PLUS, making sure they are drinking plenty of water during the day. As the body is able to utilize the minerals to move things along, the water is also of great benefit to the process of elimination.

*This is where Suede Hills Organic Farm was born. Cindy had suffered chronic constipation the majority of her life up until her early forty’s when they moved to what is now Suede Hills Organic Farms.

Phil knew decades before that quality-grown alfalfa was the most nutrient-rich food, so he wanted to move to a place to grow it to get Cindy well. It worked, and the rest is history!

Cindy says, “Just get alkaline and stay that way, you will be amazed at how many issues resolve themselves! A happy pooper is a happy life!”

~Do you have any customers with Celiac disease? IBS, Crones? Are they getting positive results?

*Yes, and the folks are getting amazing benefit. As you can well imagine it is a delicate balance of naturally detoxifying the intestinal tract as well as eliminating the infection that is almost always present.

Our customers with Celiac disease, IBS and Crones, have found that taking care to start with small serving sizes of our organic alfalfa and olive leaf powder has proved very effective.

After a week or so of reduced serving sizes they can usually increase the quantity and reap even greater benefits. The body knows exactly how to utilize real food nutrition to heal itself. Bonus for these folks is the organic alfalfa powder is also loaded with nutrition so even though the body is detoxing and repairing it is also being nourished.

~Are there any testimonies about getting better sleep?


That is actually one of the first improvements people experience as they embark on this alkalizing journey. Often the first night someone takes our pH Happy Caps they sleep better than they have in a long time.

That testimony is often accompanied by statements about how refreshed and energized they feel too.

~Has anyone told you that your products helped increase their energy level?

*Yes. It happens all the time.

Once again, it is one of the first physical benefits of empowering your body with alkaline nutrition. Our organic alfalfa powder and pH Happy Caps are the ones most often sited.

~Are your products safe for children?

*All of our products are considered food.

We have heard many testimonies about keeping small children free of daycare sickness and diseases simply by utilizing our olive leaf powder. We also encourage folks to acclimate their children to quality green nutrition such as our alfalfa powder.

Thus setting the example that quality foods going in equals quality of life on the outside too. The same suggestions regarding the organic olive leaf and alfalfa leaf powder holds true for elementary, high school, university students and teachers too!

Staying alkaline in general, in our opinion, and from our experience, will greatly increase the chances of staying well for everyone be they 1 or 100!

Cindy created the Morning Motivator recipe for her 5, 6, and 9-year-old grandchildren. Cindy also remembers mixing Suede Hills organic olive leaf powder in with peanut butter and jam on a cracker to stop the then 18 month old granddaughters runny nose. It worked and the youngester didn’t even notice the organic olive leaf powder.

~Can pets benefit from getting alkaline too?

*Yes. Did you know that the pH of a dog is supposed to be the same as a human, 7.4?

The human food that is available lacks real nutrition in our opinion, and it is our experience that pet food is made from the by-products of human food production, so we feel that the pets are really getting the shorter end of the stick nutritionally.

Our pHil’s Happy Pet, is a blend of our organic, human-grade Alfalfa and Olive leaf powders and has proved to be a big nutritional and alkalizing boost for the pets too. pHil’s Happy Pet comes in a convenient shaker bottle.

~Do you offer consultation services or classes for those of us who are wanting to learn more about how to get and stay alkaline?

*Yes, we offer one on one consultations in person on the farm or over the phone.

The current fee is $50.00 per thirty-minute increment, payable in advance by credit card.

To book your consultation please call toll free 1-877-682-1188

*We offer classes as the demand presents itself. If you have 6 or more people wanting to take our “Back to Basics, Get Alkaline=Get Well” class please feel free to contact us for dates available and price per attendee.

*Another valuable introductory option is to purchase The Disease Eraser Book, and the Back to the Basics audio cd, both by Cindy J. Levington.

These are available in hard copy or downloadable versions from our website,

Please Note: We are NOT doctors!

We are raw vegan, organic farmers who have over 50 years’ combined

natural-health focused experience,

which in our opinion, may be of great benefit to you.

The suggestions we make are our opinions, based on our personal experience and

from the feedback and testimonies of our awesome customers.

Please Note: If you have any challenges ordering online
we would be MORE than happy to personally serve you
when you call our toll free number 1-877-682-1188.


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