FAQs About Suede Hills Organic Farm


What that means is that we use no animal products on our farm. NO manures, NO blood-meal NO animal by-products etc. We use the dried ground up stem of our organic alfalfa as the most natural and nutrient-rich fertilizer, since the roots have the ability to go deep to one hundred feet, and thus pull up all the nutrients of the virgin soil, and bring it up to the surface and into the amazing mature alfalfa leaves and stems!

We have been Certified Organic for over 12 years.

What Estate Farm means to you is that we are the growers of the all the plant products; from the ground directly to you, the conscientious, health-aware, consumer. We grow, hand-harvest, naturally dry (which keeps the leaves as raw food and nutrient-rich), grind the leaves to a fine powder, in a way that retains the enzymes, and we package all the products on our farm too!

~From our experience, your body knows what to do with real, quality grown, nutrient-dense food, such as we grow here at Suede Hills.

The results have been astounding. The biggest testament to the quality and value of our products is that the vast majority of our customers are repeat customers and the vast majority of our new customers are referred to us by their family and friends.

For that we are truly appreciative! Obviously the proof is in the puddin’.

~Why choose Suede Hills products?

What we do at Suede Hills Organic Farms is VERY different from most other companies.

Phil and Cindy, as raw vegans, actually, literally, “live off of and eat what they grow!” Therefore, they have a vested interest in the superior quality of all the Suede Hills products. Phil and Cindy are intimately involved in their business and endeavour to create the highest quality products for themselves and you, their awesome customers.

Neither Phil nor Cindy have taken any supplements in over 12 years. At the time of this writing, Phil is 73 years young and most say he looks and has the energy of someone in his healthy 50’s!

Cindy is 57 years young, and is often told that she and Phil look younger every time their repeat customers see them. It is common place for people to be amazed at their young-looking and feeling skin, plus the clarity of their eyes.

” You just can’t fake that kind of stuff!!!” plus “You guys look younger every time we see you!” is often heard from the people who see them at Health Shows. Phil has had to pull out his wallet and show his drivers license to prove his age on many occasions!!

Please Note: We are NOT doctors!

We are raw vegan, organic farmers who have over 50 years’ combined

natural-health focused experience,

which in our opinion, may be of great benefit to you.

The suggestions we make are our opinions, based on our personal experience and

from the feedback and testimonies of our awesome customers.

Please Note: If you have any challenges ordering online
we would be MORE than happy to personally serve you
when you call our toll free number 1-877-682-1188.


Canadian Certified Organic Farm registered with P.A.C.S.
Farm #16-419

Suede Hills Organic Farms

PO Box 513 Savona British Columbia V0K 2J0 Canada
Phone: 250-682-1188
Toll Free: 1-877-682-1188