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July 2017 - Eat Less, Heal and Rejuvenate More! Part 2 of 2

Happy Summer! The 13,000 green Stevia "sweeties" are in the ground!

Just in time too. We have had some hot days recently, 40 Celsius a week ago.The green Stevia plants love the heat.

We had a couple of long time customers visit the farm from Nova Scotia. That was a real treat to get to meet them face to face. Just remember if you are ever in our area be sure to stop in for a visit! South central B.C. is a gorgeous place, it is a desert with loads of lakes and rivers close by.

Health is Wealth!

Phil and Cindy will be at the following Events

Kamloops Farmers' Market
St. Paul Street, between 2nd and 3rd Ave.
8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
EVERY SATURDAY, unless otherwise noted

Armstrong Inter Provincial Exhibition (IPE)
Armstrong B.C. Fair Grounds
August 30th to September 3rd 2017

Surrey International Home Show
Cloverdale B.C. Fair Grounds
October 12, 13, 14 & 15th 2017  



Today I will elaborate on my personal experience  regarding eating less often, less quantity and MORE "quality" foods, with the ensuing beneficial results I have experienced.

Quick overview.

I am 58 years old and Phil is 74 and a half! LOL! For the last 2 months we have been experimenting with what is termed "Intermittent Fasting". Thanks to Kathleen, the wonderful lady who shared her experience with us, we have taken our health to a new level!

Having been a vegan for 9 years I thought we were pretty "clean" in our eating and thus in our body.

Intermittent Fasting for us looks like this:

We get up as usual, but we only drink water until we "break" our fast at noon.

What this has accomplished for us has been a reduction in the amount of food we consume in the 7-8 hour period that we are ingesting food/fuel. Not because we tried to reduce it, but because we are full and don't desire to eat anything more.

So we eat at noon and then again at about 5pm. There may even be a little snack at 7:30ish. Then we don't eat again until noon the next day. Giving my body 16 hours to "fully" process the food I have eaten, means that I require less because my body can complete its job
before being overloaded with more food again. It also means my body burns excess body fat when it finishes the 12 hours of digesting.

If you remember last month we talked of eating less to facilitate healing. Well this (I.F.) has proved to be a huge part of that.

Toxins are coming out of me that I had no idea could still be there after the years of clean eating.

Phil and I have both lost weight and feel great, even while doing physical work, and not eating for more than 12 hours. It sounds unreal, but it is for real, we have been living it & loving it!


Quick Personal Testimony

We went paddling in our new sit-on-top kayaks, this was our first full-on kayaking excursion since we bought them. We paddled for 70 minutes upstream and then 40 minutes downstream. That is just about 2 hours.

We felt great, had the energy, but the best news was neither of us had ANY pain, soreness or stiffness  that day, the next day or ever! We were impressed.

Being alkaline, with a reduced toxin load made  the difference.
At this point it looks like we are going to continue indefinitely with this way of consuming our food/fuel. I also noticed that food tastes better. It is like my taste buds came alive again.

I look forward to seeing what other kinds of results may unfold as we continue to work in harmony with the rhythms of our body.



Phil and I really enjoyed a documentary on the other night. It was so good we watched it two nights in a row! We highly recommend it."What The Health"

We became vegans after watching, the following documentary."Healing Cancer from the Inside Out." It may be on You tube or ordered from their website, it is a life changer too!
Vibrant Health is True Wealth!! (and you are so worth it!!!!)

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Inspirational Quote:

"Attitude is linked completely to perspective and not "reality", for reality follows perspective, it does not generate it."

~The Universe

Health & Happiness To You Always!
Phil & Cindy Levington
Suede Hills Organic Farm

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