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pH Happy Caps

Our newest and greatest pH enhancing product is our alkalizing pH HAPPY CAPS. They are a proprietary alkalizing mineral combination that will increase your body's alkalinity.
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OLIVE LEAF is alkaline forming and is an amazing infection fighter, be it viral, bacterial, fungal or yeast infections. Olive Leaf Powder has the ability to benefit the Pancreas, which is especially helpful for Diabetics and High Blood Pressure. Learn more >>

Green Leaf Stevia

GREEN LEAF STEVIA has many benefits besides its natural, zero calorie sweetness. Green Leaf Stevia has been used for centuries to heal gum issues, and as an anti-bacterial on open wounds Learn more >>


We have 5 healing blends of 100% natural and Certified Organic Caffeine Free Teas for you choose from. (Plain Stevia Bark Tea, Spearmint Stevia Bark Tea, Chocolate Mint Stevia Bark Tea and Olive Leaf Stevia Bark Tea.) 
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ALFALFA powder or capsules are mineral-rich, minerals being crucial to our bodies' ability to escort excess acid out of our system. Freeing us from the negative effects of an acidic body. Learn more >>


Grower direct to you, "pH"ils Happy Pet Supplement Minerals and Vitamins, alfalfa powder pet supplement, is grown in the nutrient rich soils of the Thompson River Valley in Southern B.C. Canada.
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May 2016 - Let's Talk About...

FYI~ The newsletters generally come out the first Sunday of the month.

This month we are stepping out on a limb. People have often heard me say that, "We end up talking about pee'n, pooh'n & sex!" So this month it is about sexual function and dysfunction!

Are we ready??

We are all adults right? Let's jump in an have a down to earth look at some of the issues both males and females are having. Enjoy life, it beats the alternative! Talkin' about those things people don't like to talk about!

Got those bedroom blues?

So often the things that matter most in life are the least talked about. For example, pee'n, pooh'n and sex. If the pee'n and pooh'n ain't right I guarantee the sex isn't either!

There could be many psychological reasons why you may not be interested in sexual relations any longer, that is not what we will be exploring today. Often, sexual activity or in-activity, is more about how your body feels, whether there is desire there or not. Sometimes your body isn't able to facilitate your desire.

From young and older, we hear: "I am so tired at the end of the day the last thing on my mind is sex."


"I'd love to have sex, but there isn't any lead in the pencil."


"Everything hurts."

You may also think it is the men that are most focused on having sex, but we find that 50% of the time it is the women coming to us and asking how to help their men.
For both men and women we find that as they get their body in a more alkaline state, the energy returns, the high blood pressure resolves itself, men find that they "do" have lead in their pencil once again, much to their delight, and the inflammation, aches and pains simply disappear!


The over-acidification of the cells of the body triggers many large and small health concerns. Even if lubrication has been an issue in the past, it often rectifies itself once the body becomes alkaline and maintains that alkalinity on a regular basis. The best news of all is that you don't have to take some risky "new wonder-drug" that compromises your kidneys or liver, just make a little effort to get and stay alkaline.

Since there has been so much interest for quick and simple ways to adopt a natural, food-based, more alkaline diet to address the "personal enjoyment factor", we created the new "HIS" Alkaline Male Enhancement package, it is an organic, raw food blend, specifically designed to increase healthy, quality, blood flow, nourish and detoxify the urinary tract & empower the body as a whole unit for optimal alkaline functionality.

Ladies, you haven't been left out:

For convenience, our "Longevity Blend" 31-day supply will facilitate organic, raw, natural, plant, food for your body to thrive on as well!

We appreciate folks willing to share their personal health issues and testimonies of success. The more we share with each other about natural ways of allowing healing
to take place in our body, he more quality-of-life and quality time we have to enjoy ourselves & our loved ones. Now that is worth living well for!  
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Phil and Cindy will be at Kamloops Farmers' Market
Saturday May 7th, 2016 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. click for info 

Featured Product

"HIS" Alkaline Male Enhancement package

Make BOTH of you happy!

HIS Alkaline Male Enhancement Package

his alkaline male enhancement package
Reverse the negative effects of acidosis in your sexual functioning and whole body.

The "HIS" package contains 31 foil pouches containing your alkaline male enhancement ingredients
300 pH Happy Caps
Get started today,
only $249.95
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***Bonus for our U.S.A. customers your dollar is very strong right now so you will save an additional 25 -30% or more through your credit card company!!

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"Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are."Marianne Williamson Author and Speaker

Health & Happiness To You Always!

Phil & Cindy Levington

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