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pH Happy Caps

Our newest and greatest pH enhancing product is our alkalizing pH HAPPY CAPS. They are a proprietary alkalizing mineral combination that will increase your body's alkalinity.
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OLIVE LEAF is alkaline forming and is an amazing infection fighter, be it viral, bacterial, fungal or yeast infections. Olive Leaf Powder has the ability to benefit the Pancreas, which is especially helpful for Diabetics and High Blood Pressure. Learn more >>

Green Leaf Stevia

GREEN LEAF STEVIA has many benefits besides its natural, zero calorie sweetness. Green Leaf Stevia has been used for centuries to heal gum issues, and as an anti-bacterial on open wounds Learn more >>


We have 5 healing blends of 100% natural and Certified Organic Caffeine Free Teas for you choose from. (Plain Stevia Bark Tea, Spearmint Stevia Bark Tea, Chocolate Mint Stevia Bark Tea and Olive Leaf Stevia Bark Tea.) 
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ALFALFA powder or capsules are mineral-rich, minerals being crucial to our bodies' ability to escort excess acid out of our system. Freeing us from the negative effects of an acidic body. Learn more >>


Grower direct to you, "pH"ils Happy Pet Supplement Minerals and Vitamins, alfalfa powder pet supplement, is grown in the nutrient rich soils of the Thompson River Valley in Southern B.C. Canada.
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September 2015 - Rethink Fall Routines

I have always felt that September was a time of new beginnings. A time to get back on track with what I really want to accomplish in my life after living the carefree "summer attitude" for the last few months.

So this month, I am offering a few tips and tricks to help make getting the results you are after a little easier to accomplish this fall season.


As we begin to re-think our fall routines, the "what I want to accomplish" list and "the time I have to do it" often clash head on! For me, obviously health is at the top of the list. My perspective is, "If I don't have my health, the rest does NOT matter at all!"

I remember laying in bed for six months with a herniated disc in my lower back, and it was excruciating!!! I took NO pain killers, and I refused surgery, though I totally understood why so many opt for it..... the pain is just unbearable!

While lying there, I recall thinking to myself, "If I had a million dollars, and it couldn't buy me healthy relief, then it was absolutely useless!"

THAT is when I KNEW that personal health truly was the wealth I was looking for!


During this time is when Phil came up with the pH Happy Caps blend to help me.


I went from a pain level of 10, down to 8, in one night and in 30 days I was absolutely pain FREE! This is also when the whole awareness dawned on us about keeping ones body in an alkaline state.

So how do we help make this easier for you to add healthful routines to your busy life?

A little planning and a few thoughtful choices up front make for a simple yet VERY EFFECTIVE daily routine. This is what I hear all the time,

"Cindy, if you could just make it easier for me. Where do I start? I want to be healthy, but it takes so much time!"

I have two answers, it just depends if you are doing this for one person or for more.

For one person, make The Morning Motivator

For two or more people, it is to make Phil's Ultimate Breakfast with a Schmunkie and share it!

This may sound simple enough, but it is hugely beneficial.

Let me tell you why....

It is not just about what you put in your mouth, but also what you are NOT putting into your mouth that reaps the benefits!

We have seen it so many times....

Put quality nutritional tools in your body and life changing things begin to happen. We have seen examples from emaciated adults to young children get the same astounding results, just from making a simple, consistent, nutritional choice.

Both of the recipes give your body real live plant nutrition to work with daily.

Being consistent is key

You don't put gas in your car engine one time and then water or diesel fuel the next and expect your car to function properly, do you?

Here is the simple key, just put the cut up fruit in the Nutri Bullet or Vita Mix the night before. You can even grind together the green powders and seeds then or wait until morning.

For even more convenience we have created the Longevity Blend, which are the key ingredients from either recipe, pre-measured. All you do is grind them in a coffee grinder and add to the blender.

In the morning just whiz the fruit up. You can even take it with you in a travel mug and drink on the go. There really is no excuse to eat poorly any more.

Love yourself enough to make a choice this fall to give your body an "Alkalizing hand up".

I challenge you to love yourself, then see and feel how good, good can feel!!!

I hope this will inspire you to live well & love well.


P&C Farmers' Market
Phil & Cindy at the Kamloops Farmers' Market

One of our customers, Rhonda, took this picture of Phil and me at the Kamloops Farmers' Market. Our "pH Van" is easy to spot whenever we are out and about!

We have been known to do "green deals" in the parking lot of Costco or Home Depot when repeat customers spot our pH van in the parking lot!! LOL!!

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It is our joy to serve you!

Inspirational Quote:

"Argue for your limitations and sure enough they are yours" ~ Richard Bach

Health & Happiness To You Always!

Phil & Cindy Levington
Suede Hills Organic Farm

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